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July 3, 2013 / dlitgroup

Weekly Report – July 3

DLIT Staff Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from DLIT staff.

  • Eric Kunnen
    • Worked with Paul H, David A, and Kevin O to prepare a BbWorld presentation on the topic of learning analytics.
    • Attended Deans Council.
    • Co-facilitated the Online Faculty Observation Training with Meegan W.
    • Met with Jeremy O and Meegan W to plan and work through logistics for the Summer Technology Institute.
    • Met with Jeremy O and Meegan W on Faculty Professional Development assessment strategies in using Bb for tracking.
    • Met with Ric U, Meegan W, and Jeremy O on improvements for OHCC.  We discussed the needs for pre-requisites, the need to review the syllabus outcomes and objectives, as well as reviewed survey data.
    • Completed the EDUCAUSE Core Data Service survey with Kevin O.
    • Worked on the Summer Technology Institute workshop/session descriptions with Jeremy O.
  • Meegan Willi
    • Enjoying the Fireworks
  • Jose Mora
    • Helped faculty and staff with:
      • locking down the browser for outside test site
      • exporting and importing test
      • cleaning up content system
      • inputing final grades
    • Processed invoices
    • Processed MCCVLC Enrollment Request
    • Updated OHCC approved list
    • Enrolled students in honor courses
    • Worked on translating financial aid literature for “Preparate” event
    • Answered incoming phone calls
    • Answered incoming email
      • Can you help me get my instructors email address so I can begin conversations with her on expectations?
      • I recently applied to attend GRCC and my recent college refuses to send an official transcript as I have an unpaid balance with them. I was wondering about the possibility of taking the courses required for entry into baking and pastry online. Thank you very much.
      • I want to finish up my degree i started on years ago, but i am wondering if they are offered online.
      • Will there be office hours for instructors?
      • I am enrolled as a guest student for the 2nd session of the summer term and I have 1 class (business law BA207). I see on blackboard that 1. BA 207 is not in the dashboard yet. I am enrolled in a Distance Learning Orientation course  I need to know when the BA 207 will be up for me to view and interact with. Also, is the Distance Learning Orientation mandatory? I have been at Davenport University for 4 years and I am very familiar with blackboard and online courses.
      • It is all online, correct? no in-seat quizzes or presentations? Also, how can I figure out what book(s) I will need?
  • Garry Brand
    • Enrolled users in OHCC.
    • Made Late Summer OHCC available and started Orientation.
    • Reviewed OHCC Syllabus and provided feedback (below).
      • Changed the DLIT office location. I would modify and clearly label weekly outcomes (see #3 below)
      • The OHCC is designed for GRCC faculty who have some background in developing and teaching a class, as well as using Blackboard. Issues occur when participants haven’t taught at GRCC and when they don’t have the background with CARP or using tools in Blackboard.
      • Clarify the structure of the syllabus to make the course level objectives clear and tied more closely to the evaluation and assessments. The redesigned OHCC spends two weeks on planning, two weeks on developing and two weeks on teaching a hybrid/online course. To get more specific, we could say –
        Week One
        Develop and post an accessible online/hybrid course schedule.
        (1) Use template, CARP and academic calendar to outline your course.
        (2) Identify assignments & deadlines for your online course schedule.
        (3) Post online/hybrid schedule in your Blackboard template course.
        Week Two
        Develop and post an accessible online/hybrid course syllabus.
        (1) Identify differences between campus, online and hybrid syllabi.
        (2) Use a template, institutional and course policies to draft a syllabus.
        (3) Post online/hybrid syllabus in your Blackboard template course.
        Week Three
        Organize an online/hybrid course.
        (1) Draft a plan for how your online or hybrid course will be organized.
        (2) Identify appropriate content that will be added to your template.
        (3) Organize menu and content areas in your template course.
        Week Four
        Build online/hybrid content that complies with UDL and Copyright guidelines.
        (1) Create appropriate content to address and assess the outcome.
        (2) Add your week/module to the template course.
        (3) Build in opportunities for interaction and collaboration.
        Week Five
        Prepare and support online/hybrid learners.
        (1) Ensure course content and tools are accessible.
        (2) Ensure students have access to academic and technical support.
        (3) Welcome and prepare the learner for your online course.
        Week Six
        Facilitate an online/hybrid course.
        (1) Engage the online and hybrid learner.
        (2) Facilitate the online and hybrid course.
        (3) Assess student learning and provide feedback.
      • In addition to Blackboard Basics (on the latest version of the LMS), I think participants should be (a) GRCC faculty (including staff who are hired as adjunct) who have (b) completed the New Faculty Institute or Adjunct Institute.  All participants should have already had exposure to GRCC accessibility requirements and support.
      • Potential participants should –
        1. be proficient with the latest version of Blackboard at GRCC;
        2. be a full-time or adjunct GRCC faculty member;
        3. be familiar with the CARP;
        4. have completed the NFI or Adjunct Institute;
        5. be familiar with GRCC accessibility requirements and support;
        6. be proficient with a computer and browser;
        7. allow sufficient time in their work/life schedule to complete all course requirements.
    • SP12 testing on
    • Reviewed template and provided video feedback to prior OHCC participant.
    • Worked on accessibility issues.
    • Reviewed template and certified faculty member from prior OHCC (sent updated roster).
    • Correspondence with past participant about OHCC certificates.
    • Addressing issues of Blackboard Basics prerequisite.
    • Meet with DLIT staff regarding faculty EOL work.
  • Chad Sytsma
    • worked on further testing of the Bb SP12 update
    • prepped to assist with the Faculty Development session of Blackboard Basics
    • assisted Meegan Willi with the facilitation of the Faculty Development session of Blackboard Basics on June 27
    • attended the Online Faculty Observation Training session on June 27
    • assisted via email with Karen D regarding a quiz not being able to be added to her Blackboard course due to the course file size limit having been reached
    • began working with Jon Larson to meet the prerequisites for the OHCC class he is enrolled in
  • Cheryl Kautz
    • Continued work on creating faculty video tutorials. Most of the prep work is complete. Now working on the recording process. Touched base with Klaas about CC and best resolution.
    • Assisted Suzanne L with her syllabus for OHCC class. Discussed (emailed) the OHCC syllabus template and the college syllabus template differences with Garry.
    • College syllabus template:
      • Met with Ann A. on 6/27 to again go through the college syllabus template.
      • Converted the template to html using copy/paste and Web Page filtered methods and made adjustments to improve the conversion process.
      • On 7/2, suggested three additional, minor improvements to Ann A. for college syllabus template.
    • Discussed with Meegan again about the null alt text not working for MS Office applications. We agreed that it is best to recommend that faculty only include relevant graphics in their course materials, not purely presentation graphics. With relevant graphics, null alt text is not necessary and distractions are eliminated.
    • Attended Observational Training for Online Course session. I will facilitate the 7/18 session with Ann A.
    • Scheduled another meeting with Suzanne L to work on her course materials to make them work better for all students.

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