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June 26, 2013 / dlitgroup

Weekly Report – June 26

DLIT Staff Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from DLIT staff.

  • Eric Kunnen (From last 2 weeks)
    • Attended ETOM Conference.
    • Prepared MCCLVC report for Deans.
    • Begin testing SP12 for Bb.
    • Met with GB and MW around Faculty Observation Training
    • Met with RU around HLC visit requirements.
    • Prepared presentation for EOL meeting on DAP, CAPs.
    • Facilitated Meeting with EOL Faculty
    • Updated
    • Deans Council Presentation on VLC.
    • Reviewed Providing Library Resources to Online Students Webinar through ITC.
    • Provided Nursing Dept with curriculum assessment and part of that includes information of our current use/access/functionality, etc of A/V.
    • SENSE review of data with Domingo H and Debra D.
    • FPD planning calendar for fall, winter, and summer with Jeremy O and Meegan W.
    • Participated on the Enterprise Analyst intereview team.
    • Attended the budget review meeting for ISIS.
    • Facilitated a math video meeting to troubleshoot video content with IT.
  • Meegan Willi
    • Facilitated the OHCC Friday session, June 21 – Final Presentations, we had 8 live presentations and 5 recorded.
    • Worked with Garry to complete rubrics for each OHCC final presentation.
    • Started Quality Matters two week online course – Designing Your Online Course, which runs June 19-July 3.
    • Finished Quality Matters two week online course which covered Alignment and Standards 2 and 3 of the QM rubric. This course ran June 6 – June 20.
    • Met with Heather M. for Blackboard Drive training, June 20.
    • Attended ISIS Leadership meeting and submitted notes, June 25. We discussed the Deans’ Council Meeting Agenda items for June 27th, the upcoming ISIS Budget Meeting on June 26th, Faculty Professional Development – the calendar and brochure project, and a few other things.
    • Met with Langston G. in Counseling and Career Services to troubleshoot one of the i>clicker sets in which the instructor clicker was not functioning, June 25. The instructor remote ID was no longer registered in the settings for the course, I explained it to Langston so he could help if this happens to that remote or any of the other three that are being used for Orientation this summer.
    • Met with Eric and Jeremy to calendar out the Fall 2013, Winter 2014 and early Summer 2014 (before July 1) technology Faculty Development Opportunities, June 25.
    • Attended a learning opportunity on June 26 – Flourish at Work.
    • Attended Departmental Budget Meeting on June 26.
    • Prepped for two Faculty Development sessions being held on June 27 which I am helping to facilitate: Blackboard Basics and Online Classroom Observation.
  • Jose Mora
    • Helped faculty and staff with:
      • Inputting final grades
      • Needed help with google docs
      • Cleaning up content system
    • Processed invoices
    • Processed reimbursements
    • Handled logistics for conferences
    • Made updates to Intake Form
    • Attended Professional Development opportunity- ESP Process
    • Worked on budget transfers to balance budget
    • Processed MCCVLC Enrollment Request
    • Updated OHCC approved list
    • Enrolled students in honor courses
    • Worked on translating financial aid literature for “Preparate” event
    • Met to go over department budgets
    • Answered incoming phone calls
    • Answered incoming email
      • For some reason I can’t find where to register for classes again.

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from EOL faculty in the department.

  • Garry Brand
    • Facilitated Week Six of OHCC (online).
    • Facilitated Week Six of OHCC (campus).
    • Worked with Meegan to complete rubrics for each OHCC final presentation (8 campus and 5 online).
    • Finished grading and indicated certification status for Summer 2013.
    • Submitted report for Week Six of OHCC and notified DLIT, ISIS and CTE of certifications.
    • Created Late Summer 2013 OHCC (totally online), enrolled users, added facilitators.
    • Produced new orientation video for (Late) Summer OHCC.
    • Created new accessible version of OHCC syllabus and schedule.
    • SP12 testing on (inquired about slow server and received no response)
  • Cheryl Kautz
    • Continued work on creating faculty video tutorials.
    • Will meet with Ann A. on 6/27 at noon to review college syllabus template together.
    • Assisted Suzanne Lathan with PowerPoint accessibility questions. Provided 14 tips, via email on 6/20, to make presentations more universally designed and accessible.
    • Will meet with Suzanne Lathan on 6/27 at 1:00 at ATC to work together on making her PowerPoints accessible. We will implement the 14 tips that I emailed to her on 6/20.
    • Sent email on 6/25 to DLIT team asking to collaborate about null alt text not working in MS Office applications. I found conflicting findings from reputable resources and offered my findings, conclusions and asked for feedback.
    • Contributed an additional three test results and comments to the Bb 9.1 SP12 Online Spreadsheet Edit Grid.
    • Will attend Observation Training for Online Courses session on 6/27 to observe and learn and prepare for the 7/18 session for which I am facilitating.
    • On 6/24, watched the Blackboard webinar recording ‘What’s New in Blackboard Collaborate’ from 6/18. Received an overview, observed a demo, and learned what’s new with Bb Collaborate 12.5 Mobile, Web Conferencing and LMS Integration. It’s available on Android! (Kindle too, but not Nook?). Audio echo cancellation was added last year, so no need for external headsets! This was an issue with a previous version I tested. There are easy to access online and offline Mp4 and Mp3 formats within the LMS. Customization of a schedule session is easier too. JAWS 14 support.
  • Chad Sytsma
    • Bb SP12 Testing

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