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June 19, 2013 / dlitgroup

Weekly Reports – June 12 and June 19

Notable Highlights

  •  DLIT Staff Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from DLIT staff.

  • Eric Kunnen
    • Enjoying vacation!
  • Meegan Willi
    • Facilitated the OHCC Friday session on 6/7.
    • Co-facilitated the online portion of the OHCC, ongoing.
    • Attended the Educational Technology Organization of Michigan (ETOM) Retreat at Higgins Lake, 6/10 and 6/11. Notes:
    • Met with Garry and Eric to discuss the Online Course Observation Process in preparation for the Online Classroom Observation Trainings coming up this summer through the CTE, 6/12. We began work on the PowerPoint for the session on 6/27.
    • DLIT Equated Overload (EOL) Faculty Meeting, 6/12. Notes:
    • Began second Quality Matters online course, Connecting Learning Objectives and Assessments, 6/6 – 6/20. I have 4 out of 5 modules done as of 6/19.
    • Began third Quality Matters online course, Designing Your Online Course, 6/19 – 7/3.
    • Participated in a Quality Matters webinar on Accessibility and Universal Design for Learning, 6/13.
    • Participated in Blackboard’s webinar, What’s New in Blackboard Collaborate, 6/18.
    • Assisted Pat E. with Blackboard Drive and the Blackboard Content System, 6/18.
    • Met with Jason S. from the current OHCC cohort on 6/19 to discuss week 5 and week 6 and what is needed in his course template.
    • Drop-ins and emails have been extremely slow this week. (My guess is the beautiful weather, and the timing – K-12 students are on summer vacation.) I had 10 items tracked: help with Blackboard Drive – it was no longer working on a faculty member’s GRCC computer, how to add a student to a course to make up work from previous semester, how to export and import exams from one course to another, how to answer student questions about a specific Blackboard assessment and the claim that only half the answers were saved, student error message question, issues logging into Blackboard after the outage, questions about a student receiving emails from two different math courses taught by the same instructor, and questions about SafeAssign.
  • Jose Mora
    • Helped faculty and staff with:
      • Uploading camtasia relay video with Closed captioning
      • cleaning up content system

    • Processed invoices
    • Processed reimbursements
    • Handled logistics for conferences
    • Oddered office supplies
    • Gathered data for Eric’s Dean Presentation on MCCVLC
    • Reviewed Study Away Process
    • Attended Perapate Hispanic Recruitment meeting
    • Answered incoming phone calls
    • Answered incoming email
      • I am attending GRCC in the fall, but can’t log into my account because I have forgotten my password? Is there anyway you can give it to me or do I have to make another account?
      • I am taking SO 260 with Cedric Williams online. He said there is a way to access the quiz to see what the questions were and the possible answers. However, I tried everything and cannot figure it out. Do you know how I can do this?
      • I am interested in enrolling at GRCC and taking online classes. I am wondering if I can set up a meeting with someone to determine a direction for me to go in and get back into education. If there is a contact I could be set up with I would greatly appreciate it.
      • I want to do online classes for the fall. I would like to get the addictions certificate, but it appears that all the classes are not online for the fall, am i wrong? either way im interested in finding some online classes for the fall to fill a full time schedule. when could i meet with someone to talk about this further?
      • I had issues logging in to the Blackboard last night and saw tere was an issue. Though it looks like it was resolved on your resolution center, I am still having issues. I have a assignment due tomorrow. Please advise.
      • Professor Mora, i am a student in your psychology class starting 7/1/13. I just came back into the country and had a couple questions about the class. Can we access the syllabus or anything now? Or will all of that come up on the first day of class? Also, do we just need to log into the June 13 – class during the week?

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from EOL faculty in the department.

  • Garry Brand
    • June 6 – 12
      • Facilitated Week Four and Five of OHCC (Online)
      • Grading and Reporting for OHCC
      • Higgins Lake Retreat (June 10 and 11)
    • June 13 – 19
      • Facilitated Week Five and Six of OHCC (Online)
      • Campus session of Week Five OHCC
      • DLIT Meeting with new EOL Faculty
  • Cheryl Kautz
    • Continued work on the faculty video tutorials.
    • Attended DLIT EOL meeting on 6/12 to discuss summer plans.
    • Recommended ten improvements to CTE related to accessibility for the college syllabus template via several email exchanges week of 6/10 (Ann A., Bill F. Jeremy O.). Recommendations were in the area of structure, links, tables and font. Also provided explanation of why recommendations were made along with directions on how to implement.
    • Spoke with Ann A. on 6/19 about the college syllabus template and what we need to do to finalize. Sent Ann my screen reader friendly calendar (not a table) to use as an idea for the optional portions of the syllabus.
    • Phone conversation with Meegan 6/19:
      • Observation Training for Online Courses –  I asked to attend session on 6/27 to observe and learn for the 7/18 session for which I am facilitating. Also need more information about the faculty contract, related to evaluations, to be better informed and able to answer questions.
      • Requested access to the dlitgroup WordPress weekly update blog.
      • It has been slow and there was no need to forward DLIT email this week to answer faculty questions.
    • Downloaded and installed the open source NVDA to help evaluate accessible content, but it caused several issues on my system and I had to uninstall. This was my second attempt; tried last semester also.
    • Created Quality Matters account and reviewed QM rubric.
    • Created CourseSites account and uploaded a course.
    • Contributed 27 test results and notes to the Bb 9.1 SP12 Online Spreadsheet Edit Grid.
  • Chad Sytsma
    • June 13 – 19
      • attended the DLIT meeting as a new EOL Faculty
      • worked from the DLIT office to begin to familiarize myself with the structure and setup
      • discussed with Meegan about attending the Online Course Observation Training that will be on June 27
      • studied the Derek Bruff Prezi for his GVSU presentation from this past spring
      • began Functionality and Usability Testing for Service Pack 12 release for end of summer in current course, contributed 16 test results and notes to the testing spreadsheet
      • Signed up for Quality Matters account and began studying the Quality Matters rubric

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