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June 12, 2013 / Meegan

DLIT EOL Faculty Meeting Notes

Distance Learning & Instructional Technologies Meeting with Equated Overload Faculty
June 12, 2013 2:00-4:00 PM
Present: Chad Sytsma, Cheryl Kautz, Ric Underhile, Eric Kunnen, Meegan Willi, Garret Brand

  • Introductions
    • DLIT Staff, Educational Support Professional, Blackboard Administration
    • Summer, Fall, Winter Equated Overload Faculty Facilitators
  • Duties of the Faculty Facilitators
    • OHCC Facilitator
    • General Faculty Facilitators
      • Assist faculty colleagues
      • Develop and facilitate learning opportunities
      • Serve as a faculty reviewer for the Online Course Review Committee
      • Assist with the Summer Technology Institute (
  • Critical Issues DLIT is involved with currently that impact the EOL Work
    • Accessibility
    • Strengthening the Infrastructure for Distance Learning
    • Advancing Technologies to Support Teaching and Learning
    • Supporting Online Students (tied to Student Success CAP)
      • Meegan recently sent out an email to all department heads and program directors to invite all online and hybrid faculty to request a short presentation to their students.
    • Master Courses (new process)
  • Priorities
    • Blackboard Service Pack 12 Upgrade
      • Upgrade information and punch list available at
      • List needs to be updated (Eric to do!)
      • Create sandbox courses for Chad & Cheryl
    • Blackboard World 13 (BbWorld13)
    • Summer Technology Institute
      • Discussion on keeping advanced and basic tracks
        • It is important to continue to offer “basic” information such as new features in Blackboard as well as how to use the basic features of Blackboard.
        • Due to the fact that there will be some new features in Service Pack 12, most of the GRCC fulltime and adjunct faculty will be seeing them for the first time.
          • There will be fewer than five new fulltime faculty in Fall 2013, we will have more new faculty over the next two years.
      • Topics for Sessions (3 Hour Workshops)
        • Monday
          • Blackboard Basics – Chad Sytsma (lead) & Eric Kunnen
          • UDL & Accessibility – Cheryl Kautz (lead) & Meegan Willi
        • Tuesday
          • Blackboard New Tools (SP12) – Eric Kunnen (lead) & Garry Brand
          • Quality Matters & Blackboard Exemplary Course Program (Advanced) – Meegan Willi (lead) & Cheryl Kautz
        • Wednesday
          • Classroom Technology (relay, i>clicker, apps) – Meegan Willi (lead) & Chad Sytsma
      • We need to create a shell for the Summer 2013 Summer Technology Institute.
      • Chad and Cheryl have been enrolled as TAs in the Summer Technology Institute Course from Summer 2012 (
    • Faculty Training Sessions (Faculty PD Catalog)
      • FYI: The new faculty development catalog will be going out in July, so faculty will be made aware of upcoming session descriptions in the middle of the summer / beginning of the next fiscal year.
    • Academic Governing Council Issue Papers
    • Faculty Contract (Master Courses & Training)
  • Reporting
  • DLIT Email
    • We will triage the DLIT Email – either Meegan, Jose, Eric or Garry will forward messages to Cheryl and Chad as needed.

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