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June 5, 2013 / dlitgroup

Weekly Reports – May 29 and June 5

Notable Highlights

  •  DLIT Staff Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from DLIT staff.

  • Eric Kunnen
    • Posted the open Enterprise Analyst position on the several listservs, ITC, and the VLC and ETOM.
    • Deans Council – Data Warehouse focus.  Paul Herdegen and Jody Graves have been helpful and Bruce Morrison.
    • Planning SP12 upgrade with IT.
    • Online Course Development Meeting – Patti, Ric, Meegan, Eric met and discussed needs for priority of 1) Communicating new process, 2) Communicating with existing faculty requests, 3) Automation needs, 4) Compliance Sheriff, 5) Media Transcription, 6) work on drafting a plan.
    • Co facilitated Bb Basics with Meegan.
    • Met with Bill F on developing a rubric for online faculty observation.
    • Completed the MCCVLC DL Admin Survey
    • EMAIL! Catching up since being on vacation…
    • Faculty Observation for Online Courses Workshop Description Provided
    • DAP updates were sent.
    • Met with new EOL faculty for the summer.
    • Met with Jeremy O, Meegan W, Paula S, and Bill F to discuss and plan for online observation training for faculty.
    • Macomb conference call about Quality Matters and master courses.
    • MCCVLC meeting in Lansing at the MCCA office.  Focusing on reviewing details from the Distance Learning Administrator Survey Results, MCCVLC 2.0 the Next Generation, State Authorization, Project Goals, etc.
    • Ensemble video demo.  Created out of Syracuse.  Manage video/content system.  Playlist.  Relay integration.  Rice university.  U Illinois. National University.  Temple University.  Dartmouth/Temple/Rice?National/Marshall use Relay.  Reporting? Data cleanup? GVSU also uses.
    • Met with Meegan W and Ric U on OHCC needs for prerequisites, planning for the Summer Technology Institute, and student needs for support.
    • Prepared MCCLVC report for Deans.
    • Begin testing SP12 for Bb.
  • Meegan Willi
    • Met with Mary G. to help with getting summer online and face-to-face courses copied and ready to run for the first seven weeks, 5/23.
    • Visited Holland Christian High School with Garry and Eric for a tour of the facility and information on their Apple One-to-One program. Here are my notes from the visit:
      • What are their next steps with technology and instruction:
        • defining which inst. direction will be the one for the institution
        • be the best at all angles of that one direction
        • deciding the learning framework this summer. . . Teaching for Transformation – lessons and units
      • What is limiting? Obstacles?
        • sustaining it
        • the money in the technology
        • there is only so much change that you can handle
      • The success of the program has to do with the fact that it had always been mission driven.
        • What can we do with the technology to make the learning happen?
        • Wiggins & McTye
      • *Idea* Use evernote to save all evidence for portfolios and teachers and students would have full control over how to do final presentation.
      • The rule of 60, for example, what vocabulary will students need to know today, in 60 days, 60 years…test based on that.
    • Met with Pat E. & Vicky M. to troubleshoot weighted grades and weighted columns, 5/29.
    • Attended free webinar from Inside Highed Education – The MOOC Moment, 5/30. The archive and PowerPoint can be seen here, , and there is a free ebook [pdf] on MOOCs available after you fill out a form from Inside Higher Education.
    • Met with Jason S. from the OHCC cohort to go over accessibility in MS Word documents (syllabi) and to clarify the organization plan for Week 3 of the OHCC, 5/30.
    • Co-facilitated the campus session of the OHCC, 5/31.
    • Co-facilitated online Week Two and Three of OHCC.
    • Finished Professional Development Evaluation/Document, 6/3.
    • Met with Ric and Eric to discuss OHCC, Professional Development for non-teaching faculty, and support for online students, 6/3.
    • Finished Quality Matters Course on Accessibility (2 week online course which started 5/23 and ends on 6/6), 6/4.
    • Added badge and banner to Michigan Blackboard Users Group (miBUG) Blackboard CourseSite, 6/3.
    • Attended a webinar that I organized with ensemble video for DLIT, the Blackboard Team, and Media Technologies, 6/3.
    • Voted in the Blackboard 9.1 Service Pack 14 Bug Squad forum, 6/4.
    • Attended webinar – Blackboard Office Hours for 9.1 Service Pack 12 (what we are planning for our upgrade this Summer), and reviewed the top issues and patch statues, 6/4.
    • Emailed department heads and program directors information for helping online students during Summer 2013, 6/4.
    • Attended Professional Development session on Classroom Evaluation, 6/5.
    • Worked with Patrick L. from IT to remove old EOL faculty from the DLIT Faculty & Staff Page, 6/5.
    • I had only two drop-ins over the past two weeks, a phone call from an OHCC member with questions on Week 2, and a faculty member who needed help with imported test pools and tests.
  • Jose Mora
    • Helped faculty and staff with:
      • listing last date of attendance for students
      • creating folders and moving items into them
      • Blackboard password reset
      • Linking to youtube videos
      • total column not calculating correctly. There was an error in the setting up of the grading schema
    • Processed invoices
    • Processed reimbursements
    • Attended NAFSA Conference
    • Gathered data for Eric’s Dean Presentation on MCCVLC
    • Answered incoming phone calls
    • Answered incoming email
      • I’ve updated my online Blackboard personal profile, on the “courses tabs” it does not have my course registered and available for access. My class in EN 102-8, LEC # 3593. If you could please fix this, or at least direct me on what I need to do I would greatly appreciate that.
      • I have logged into blackboard and do not see any assignments or pre-reading. Of course, the start date is next Monday but I was wondering if I may have missed any assignments. Also, will there be a text book for this course and if so, where would I find that info.
      • I am in your 207 online class i did the assignment 3 and did not save it in the right format however it will not let me get back to do so. Please let me know what i can do to fix this so i do not miss out on the ten points thank you.
      • I did everything you to told me to do when it come to uploading the file, I even tried to copy and paste it, is there an alternate way I can upload the file, so I can turn it in?
      • I don’t see the welcome email for one of the assignments that I need to do, I am also wondering is this optional
      • I am currently enrolled in a political science class online. I have been checking every day, and my course has still not showed up, and classes are suppose to be starting today. I haven’t heard from my professor or anything either. Just wondering what exactly I should be doing.
      • I changed my management class from in class to online class. I talked to my professor so that i can be into his system and he told me that it will pop up but i still not have the syllabus for the class and all the announcements so that i can know what is going on. could you please put me into online system for my management class? Thank you and i hope my request will be taken care of very soon.
      • Wondering if our first assignments are the ones listed on blackboard. I’m new with the online course and I am looking forward to a good summer semester
      • I was looking for a career field in the nursing department and I was just wondering on how to get enrolled in classes for fall 2013. I will be having a baby so I just wanted a little bit of online before I got to go to actual classes. I would also need Financial aid. If you would please email me back to get things going for me.
      • How much do online classes cost?
      • Do you have a nutritionist or registered dietitian program?
      • I am enrolled in this summer online class and I have been checking the assignments on blackboard everyday and its seems that there hasn’t been anything new posted to do. I was just wondered if new assignments are only loaded every week?
      • This is Roy Hudson and I have a History online class and I had questions about assignments to be turned in through black board. The professor told me he was confused about the question I was asking about his class. I’m not understanding when he tells me that the class is finished.
      • My daughter, Emily, is taking US History through Reconstruction online this summer. We are not happy with the “instructor” that supposedly “teaches” this class. He does not respond to the students’ questions on the discussion board and doesn’t answer my daughter’s emails. Have any other students had the same problems this summer?
      • I am trying to finish my associates degree from GRCC. I realized that I would obtain my Associates in Science rather quickly, but have to complete my humanities requirements. I had two questions, I am fluent in a language that is not offered by GRCC but would it possible to show proficiency and obtain some sort of credit. In addition, I can knowledge of Korean, another language not offered by the university and Arabic which is my weakest language. I have found very few online course to complete my requirement and was hoping to find a way to ensure that I can finish my associates in Detroit. I am not sure about your policy on reverse transferring, but would like to know if that would be a possibility as well. I believe I am 9 credits shy of my associates and hope to complete it soon to help my find jobs.
      • Can I take my pre-requisites online? What classes could I take online? Thank you.
      • I go to Davenport University, and taking a summer class starting in July with GRCC. It is online course, and I have no information on how to access blackboard, or what to do in general.
      • What is the cut off day for the week 3 and 4 test? Thank’s for your time.
      • I am trying to find the university I want to transfer to, but in the mean time I would like to finish my associates. Would the school I take the classes from be accountable for transferring the classes back to GRCC or would that be on GRCC to accept the classes since you would issue the associates.
      • I am trying to register for fall term on-line class 1955. In the ON-LINE STUDENT CENTER, I do not have the drop down of SEARCH/ADD CLASSES. Can you enable that function so that I can register. I have taken several courses from GRCC for CEU credits.
      • I was wondering if it was to late to back out if the class? I haven’t got a total grasp on the whole online class. I missed another test and didn’t even realize it until it was to late. I have no problem with the work. I’m actually pretty good at math. I’ll probably retake it this fall it whenever next available.
      • When is the refund deadline?
      • Every time I tried too set up blackboard it said my personal information was incorrect, and wouldn’t let me continue.
      • I have been checking BB for updates in my CO-145 class the last 2 weeks and nothing has changed. I’m new to online classes and really could use some help I hope I am not falling behind. I need feedback please!!
      • Hello my name is Markae I am attending GRCC in the fall, but can’t log into my account because I have forgotten my password? Is there anyway you can give it to me or do I have to make another account?

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from EOL faculty in the department.

  • Garry Brand
    • Co-facilitate online Week Two of OHCC.
    • Co-facilitate campus Week Two of OHCC.
    • Publish lecture capture for Week Two.
    • Grading for Week Two of OHCC.
    • Co-facilitate online Week Three of OHCC.
    • Co-facilitate campus Week Three of OHCC.
    • Publish lecture capture for Week Three.
    • Grading for Week Three of OHCC.
    • Ensemble Video demo.
    • Tour of classroom, instructional technology and curriculum at Holland Christian.
  • Cheryl Kautz
  • Chad Sytsma

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