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May 2, 2013 / dlitgroup

Weekly Updates – May 1

Notable Highlights

Announcing…. Cheryl Kautz is a Bb Exemplary Course Award Winner… again!  She received a “2013 Blackboard Catalyst Award” for her CO152 Photoshop
 submission.  Not only was her course chosen to receive an Exemplary Course Award but it was also a Directors Choice for Courses with Distinction.

DLIT Staff Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from DLIT staff.

  • Eric Kunnen
    • Attended Blackboard Webinar on Service Pack 12
    • Began planning for SP12/13 Upgrade for Summer
    • Planned and facilitated the “Faculty Finals Relaxer and Drop In” to highlight new DLIT Location and assist faculty.
    • Shared Bb Collaborate information with Thomas M. Cooley Law School
    • Invited to participate on the Blackboard Engineer Open Position interview committee.
    • Collaborated with Meegan W and Garry B to review and revise and add sessions for technology for the FPD Catalog.
    • Prepared Stretch Project for Leadership Academy
    • Worked with Pearson to setup a meeting about MySuccessLab and managing large numbers of sections.
    • Reviewed J Sergeant Reynolds CC orientation course information for online student orientation work.
    • Voted for the Michigan Quality Award Recommendations.
    • Edited FPD Catalog Technology Sessions for Jeremy.
    • Submitted maintenance request for the handicap button to work for 316M.
    • Attended a Student Worker Lunch Pizza Celebration
    • Prepared DLIT – How do I? Did you know? for Jeremy and the FPD Catalog.
    • Prepared Early Alert Session Description for Higgins Lake with Lynnae S.
    • Held Faculty Finals Relaxer and DLIT Drop-in – More than 40 faculty attended and many came in for Blackboard assistance.
    • Prepped for BbWorld Analytics Presentation with Kevin O’Halla, David Anderson, and Paul Herdegen.
    • Worked to add 2 more Bb Basics Session for Prereq for OHCC.
  • Meegan Willi
    • Blackboard Service Pack 12 webinar – 4/25
    • SP12 Themes & Features
      • new calendar
        • when adding items such as assignments you can populate the calendar automatically
        • drag and drop ability
        • ability to create recurring events
        • ability to export
        • functionality is still being added to this via building blocks
        • – see the new calendar in action
      • new discussions
        • inline replays allows for easier responses to posts
        • instructors can use the posts tool to easily access all of the posts from blogs, journals, and discussions and reply right from that spot
        • new post first ability – students cannot view their peer’s posts until they post their own response to a discussion board thread – helps keep originality in discussions
        • – see the new discussion board in action
      • new inline assignment grading
        • released in March
        • any submitted file – pdf, word, excel – will render right on the screen
          comments can be added
        • editing tools for drawing, adding text to specific areas, highlighting, strike through
        • version history
        • feedback and comment threads are maintained – excellent for tracking the entire process to see if students did take the feedback in subsequent assignment resubmissions
        • working on the ability to do mobile inline grading – will be released via building block update(s) later this year
      • new retention center
        • integrated into global navigation – new icon (double arrows)
        • you can connect TAs, advisors, and others to the retention center
        • instructors can monitor themselves and their own activities via the retention center
        • you have the ability to post announcements and create groups right from the retention center
        • overall the tool is very integrated into Blackboard courses
      • social learning updates
      • assessment fixes & enhancements
        • ability to add questions of similar type – elimination of extra clicks – better test creation experience overall
        • availability
        • make granular rules to specify different times, attempts, and other criteria for specific students and groups of students
        • new feedback options
        • you have greater ability to control when students see feedback, correct answers, and their tests scores
          better indication of late submissions – the word LATE shows right in the needs grading screen
      • New release strategy
        • currently on the service pack model with providing features in service packs every 6 months
          in the future will use building blocks, cloud updates, and service packs to deliver the features
      • Accessibility
    • Met with Eric and Garry to update the Technology offerings, descriptions, and learning outcomes for the Faculty Professional Development Catalog, 4/26
    • Worked with Scott from Ensemble Video to schedule a demo for June 3rd.
    • Met with Felix P. to discuss the development of BA 105 for online delivery. Felix currently has the general structure of the course developed. He needs to update the course CARP, update the syllabus and schedule, create four exams, add some lecture/multimedia components to each week, add an orientation.
    • On going work with the Online Course Review Committee to review AR 108. With juggling schedules and final exams, this will hopefully be accomplished next week.
    • Met with Eric and Garry for the Blackboard Team Meeting, April 29th. Submitted notes here .
    • Reviewed and evaluated OHCC Final Presentations, in person 4/26, and electronic submissions 4/30 and 5/1.
    • Faculty Finals Relaxer and Blackboard Questions, 5/1- assisted faculty all day, list of general questions is included in the list below.
    • Drops Ins and DLIT emails:
      • Helped multiple faculty with final weighted grade calculation troubleshooting in Blackboard
      • How do I add a final letter grade column in addition to the total points column?
      • How do I set up the lockdown browser and Respondus Monitor to remotely proctor a final exam?
      • Where is the scrollbar in the grade center when accessing Blackboard on a Macbook Air?
      • General questions about testing and teaching an online course for the first time
      • How do I get Blackboard Connect to work?
      • How do I compute extra credit into a weighted grading scheme in Blackboard?
  • Jose Mora
    • Helped faculty and staff with:
      • submiting final grade and adding last date of enrollment
      • managing column organization
      • adding powerpoint with embedded video
      • course copying into a template course
      • how to create a new column in the grade center
      • adding a new content area
    • Helped students with:
      • honors program completions form
      • Enrolling into MCCVLC courses
      • opened up MCCVLC seat cap for Summer 2013
    • Processed invoices
    • Processed reimbursements
    • Updated OHCC List
    • Quick Enroll SL students
      • Fixed ASL enrollment issues
    • Answered incoming phone calls
    • Answered incoming email
      • I am trying to figure out why my GRCC email and blackboard will not work. I am taking some spring and summer classes as a guest student here, and they are online, so I am going to have to use these both I am sure.
      • I am almost done with my degree through Ferris, and am currently a guest student at GRCC. Since most of my degree has been through on line classes, is it necessary for me to go through the GRCC orientation on line? I am very familiar with Blackboard. Also when will I have access to my professor and the books I need?
      • I am having a lot of trouble logging into blackboard. It says that I do not have the right information and that what I have doesn’t match the info on record. I can log into my online center but I cannot figure out how to get into blackboard. What should I do?
      • Since I am just taking an online summer course, do I have a student email through GRCC?
      • I am a Kuyper college social work student. I am a senior and will graduate April 2014. I need an American Government course. I would like to know if this course is offered online through GRCC. If the class is offered online, what do I need to do to enroll?
      • For the past week I have been trying to access Blackboard. I have used the password reset tool to create a password, however when I try to log in it does not allow me to. I have contacted IT about this, and I just checked my ticket on their website and it said they have closed it, but no one contacted me to tell me what to do. I am very frustrated. The links provided in this email did not help. I tried watching the orientation video for Blackboard however when I go to the blackboard website there is not new student link as it says in the video. I would like to prepare to take my online course before it starts. Who do I need to get in contact with to make this simpler?
      •  I was class of 2010 at Calvin College, but am still short a few classes to officially graduate. I am looking into taking them at GRCC during the summer months, but I will need your assistance to do so. The classes I am short are 2 physical education classes (I was thinking a jogging and a weight lifting course) and a “global/historical” class. I can get you the exact description of that requirement if you need me to, but it is essentially a history class.First, is there any chance that I could take any of these classes online? I have a full-time job (40-60 hours a week) and am married, so I have a lot of responsibilities and not much free time, so online courses would be ideal. If I can’t take weight lifting online, are there any other PE courses I could take online? Second, I will need the names and course numbers of these courses so that I can submit them to Calvin College to ensure that the credit will carry over into getting my diploma. Third, will I need to apply for these courses? If so, where do I need to go to apply?
      •  I am going thru the MCCVLC for the Government course that starts in July. I was just trying to figure out how to access the black board site. I am wondering when I can actually do that. How do I set up a user id and password? Please let me know when you can. Thank you
      • Hello, I am very new to this and in fact a little nervous. My question is how do i know what books i will need and where to purchase them. I have a friend that has taken some online courses so hes going to help me sat so i am set up right. I just got the Internet at home so i should be all set on the connection piece. If theres any real practical pointers i should know about the whole online class thing aside what the orientation says please let me know.

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from EOL faculty in the department.

  • Lisa Gloege
  • Gary Ebels
    • Facilitated Blackboard Basics and Blackboard Grade Center – Online.  One completed.  Added 1 learner.
    • Assisted 2 faculty members preparing a (old)course for submission to the On-line Course Review Committee.
    • Reviewed new submission for on-line course approval.
  • Mursalata Muhammad
  • Garret Brand
    • Blackboard Team Meeting
    • Reporting and Final Grading for OHCC
    • Facilitate OHCC
    • OHCC Final Presentations and Feedback
    • Supporting faculty with grading and Groupwise issues
    • Hours at

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