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April 22, 2013 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – April 22nd

In attendance: Meegan Willi, Mark Nordblom, Garry Brand

1. Relay Upgrade – Timeline needed

  • Labs will be updated beginning in July 2013
  • The week of June 24th, Mark will compile server component which will make the Camtasia Relay clients available for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac OS X. (Right now the latest version is Camtasia Relay 4.2.8 – we will use the latest one at the end of June.)
  • Beginning of June, contact all users who are using the Camtasia Relay 3 clients. In this communication include:
    • Date when the new clients will be available for download/installation
    • Details about new features and functionality of Camtasia Relay 4
    • Eric to determine if this communication should come from him or someone else
    • Do we need training? Tip sheets?

2. Relay Content Management – Where we are at? Where are we going?

  • The avenue that we choose to determine old recordings (by last modified date) did not work because of a drive failure. When the drive was rebuilt, the modified date was updated for all old recordings. 
    • Although the date was changed on the content folders (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, etc…), it appears that the last modified date on the actual files remains accurate. So, we do have content with dates that are old then two years.
    • Mark to reinvestigate the dates.

3. Ensemble video

  • A demo is needed. (Meegan to set-up.)
    • Stakeholders to invite:
      • Media Technologies, Klass Kwant
      • Library
      • Power Users in Nursing, Interpersonal Communications and other ares where they desire the ability to keep videos private.
      • Departments that want to share content. (Computer Apps, Math Lab, Business Lab)
  • Ensemble video is an option available either as a cloud solution or self-hosted, which allows for sharing content, institutionally, and more granularly.
  • It auto detects the device a user has and what player they need (html 5 versus flash), it also detects connection speed and delivers the best quality for a user’s connection.
  • It integrates with Camtasia Relay and Blackboard very well. It allows users to embed playlists and individual files in their Blackboard courses.
  • This solution has an interface which allows faculty to actually keep videos private that they want private.

4. Timeline for Upgrade to Bb SP 11

  • What is the plan for upgrading since we will not be upgrading in May?
  • Mark will touch base with David Anderson. We need to know:
    • What is the status on the hardware?
    • When will we have it installed?
    • Will we be able to upgrade in August?

5. Updates on Blackboard

  • Timeout: Everything seems to be working now – users are being logged out. 
  • Automation: Enrollments are now running with staggered times from PeopleSoft to Blackboard to get students and instructors enrolled every two hours.

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