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April 16, 2013 / dlitgroup

Weekly Updates – April 17

DLIT Staff Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from DLIT staff.

  • Eric Kunnen
    • Held Analytics for Learn conference call to discuss implementation and submitted request for assistance with IT for resolving issues with analytics.
    • Provided feedback and reviewed faculty professional development/evaluation.  Suggested recommendation for an example substantive work in taking a course through an online quality rubric.
    • Reviewed readiness course materials from Sargeant Reynolds Community College.
    • Attended GRCC Board Meeting
    • Prepared for miBUG presentation on Friday on Bb Analtyics.
    • Facilitated the Bb Team meeting planning for summer.
    • Sent resources for state authorization of DL students to Diane P and Bryan V.
    • Prepared budget rationale for Ric U for Bb Collaborate.
    • Prepared Welcome letter for online students.
    • Attended the Leadership Institute
    • Bb Orientation Site – Edited and fixed links and content for summer semester.
    • Faciliated Deans Meeting
    • Prepared miBUG Blog and GRCC Today communication.
    • Attended ISIS Directors Meeting – Focus on FPD and new evaluation process.
    • Processed MN114 for approval for development online.
    • Attended and Facilitated the ETOM Board Meeting
    • Provided Lynnae with questions for Pearson Conference.
    • Attended AGC
    • Downloaded a series of 1000+ math videos from the publisher and placed them on the Bb CS for the Math Department.
    • Collected SWD data on online course development with Jose and forwarded to Fiona upon request.
    • Provided Distance Learning information to Bruce M for HLC survey responses.
    • Provided information to Cathy W for a Chronicle Survey about campus services.
    • Worked with Lynnae and Mark to ensure attendance flag in Early Alert is working correctly for summer as we bump it down from 7 to 3 days to provide earlier alerts.
    • Worked with HLC Sub-team feedback for Goal 1.  Suggested to add a minimum GPA requirement also for eligibility and a statement about course design consistency.  Also, adding in the review, revision, and adoption of DL Faculty Standards.
    • Viewed Accessibility and UDL Webinars offered through the MCCVLC. – promote choice (change the way we teach) in learning and promote self-efficacy (change the learner), provide multiple means of engagement/interest (provide options for student interest, optimise relevance, value, minimise distractions, options for sustaining effort and persistence (heighten goals/objectives, vary demands and resources to optimise challenge, foster collaboration, and community, increase “mastery oriented” feedback, and provide options for self-regulation (facilitate personal coping skills, priorities, and strategies, develop self-assessments and reflection, time management, metacognitive to help students realise how engaged they are) and build a happy classroom –,
  • Meegan Willi
    • Facilitated the OHCC
    • updated/created accessible tip sheets on:
      • course-to-course navigation
      • exporting an importing courses in Blackboard
      • archiving courses in Blackboard
      • qwickly
    • Met with Heida M. for one-on-one training of i>clickers and Camtasia Relay, 4/8.
    • Attended Blackboard Team Meeting, 4/8.
    • Attended CAP Meeting (Creating an Accessible Campus for All), 4/8.
    • Working with Jim Egan from Washtenaw Community College and Klaire Marino from Blackboard to button up final details for Spring miBUG Conference which is on 4/19.
    • Worked with Garry to update the miBUG website with conference details.
    • Contacted potential DLIT EOL faculty candidates, 4/8.
    • Attended ISIS Leadership meeting on 4/10.
    • Emailed Tom Boersma the Online Course Readiness Rubric and development information for MN 114, newly approved for online development.
    • Packing for the big move.
    • Worked with Laurie F. to import a test into Respondus and then set it up in Blackboard for use with Respondus Monitor.
    • Assisted faculty drop-ins and emails with questions around:
      • How to drop the lowest quiz score in the Blackboard grade book.
      • How to export/import a quiz from one course to another.
      • How to add SafeAssignments and Assignments to a Blackboard course.
      • Blackboard discussion boards and settings for mobile users.
      • How to create a Google Docs Presentation.
      • How to get a course template.
      • How to add extra credit to Blackboard when you are weighting grades.
      • What recording software should I use since Camtasia Relay is not available for the latest Mac OS?
      • How to drop the lowest quiz scores in the Blackboard grade book.
  • Jose Mora
    • Helped faculty and staff with:
      • editing videos in camtasia studio, creating a video, and uploading video to BB
      • issues with course copying a test. We did a test export/import instead
      • Bb grade center – removing columns
      • working with google docs document that would not let her update the record. We looked at updating her browser and making sure she opened the document with google doc and not preview
      • knowing the process for developing an online course
      • downloading a test (that was in BB as a set) with Respondus and re-upload as single question test so that they could rum attempt statistics
      • issues with students not seeing her feedback from the grade center
      • Remove relay videos with FTP software
    • Helped students with:
      • Enrolling in the honors program
      • Processed honors program completions form
      • Enrolling into MCCVLC courses
      • Enroll to the college as a MCCVLC student
      • Study Away program
        • Manage logistics and related documentation
        • Confirmed payments
    • Created new MCCVLC sections for Fall 2013
    • Looked at condensing current queries
    • Attended Bb meeting
    • Attended background check webinar
    • Attended NACADA conference
      • Looking at implementing externship program into DEL work
    • Processed invoices
    • Processed reimbursements
    • Worked with vendors on pricing for Study Away flights
    • Made edits to Study Away Intake Form
    • Quick Enroll SL students
    • Packed for move
    • Answered incoming phone calls
    • Answered incoming email
      • I was recently employed as a cna in fremont and now am a live in care giver for my Grandmother
        in Grant. I would like to work towards my RN while I am caring for Grandma and was wondering if you offer online courses for your nursing program. Being as she needs 24hr care I am unable to
        leave her alone.
      • I have forgotten my blackboard password and the system will not allow me to change it. I appreciate the help in any way thanks
      • Just going through my orientation for online classes. I’ve already taken online / hybrid classes in the past, so I am already quite familiar with how work Black Board for online classes. I’m just surprised this is the first time I’ve seen this orientation. & if you check, I am already almost complete with my current online classes.
      • I applied and just got into GRCC as a part time student for some summer classes. I was looking to take two online art history classes. I did all the necessary paperwork through my current university to make sure the credits would transfer and what not, and now when I try to register for those two summer classes it is telling me their not online classes. I have a printed paper from about a month ago that states they will online classes, but now its saying their campus classes? I desperately need these classes, but need them to be online classes! Whats going on?
      • My biggest concern is communicating with the class through blackboard but I’m excited to express, and discuss things by typing. I will say that I expect distance learning to be a little easier than, in class learning.
      • I can’t say I am really all that concerned about taking this online class, because I have taken others in the past. Although Blackboard can be frustrating sometimes, it is a very useful tool that allows me to take part of the class from home, and thus also allows me to work full time and make some extra money, and I appreciate that! The tutorial already answered my questions, so hopefully all will be well.

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from EOL faculty in the department.

  • Lisa Gloege
    • Researching online course evaluation/rubrics for online course review committee
    • Preparing to facilitate two sessions on Friday–i>clickers and OHCC
    • Helped several faculty members with blackboard issues
    • Gave feedback to Jeremy O. re. professional development catalog
  • Gary Ebels
    • Facilitated Blackboard Basics and Blackboard Grade Center – Online. Two completed course. Added 1 learner.
    • Assisted 2 faculty preparing courses for submission to On-Line Course Review Committee.
    • Reviewing approved on-line courses for best practices.
  • Mursalata Muhammad
    Managed CTE Blackboard site
    Preparing for OHCC session
    Research college membership for CTE Blackboard site
  • Garret Brand
    • Facilitate OHCC
    • Facilitate Friday campus session
    • Prepare facilitators to cover OHCC while at MiBUG.
    • Faculty support re: SafeAssign, Camtasia Relay
    • Blackboard Team meetings
    • Testing Blackboard Building Block (Qwickly).
    • Reporting attendance and completion for OHCC.
    • UDL Checklist Reading and attend session
    • OHCC Grading
    • Flipped Classroom Webinar
    • Updates to MiBUG website
    • Hours at

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