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April 15, 2013 / dlitgroup

Bb Team Meeting

Present: Mark N, Jose M, Meegan W, Eric K


  • Summer 2013 classes have been created on the system based on PS enrollments.
  • BB.ORIENT students are enrolled.
  • Emailing the online students Friday with the welcome letter.
  • miBUG attendees for Friday: Mark N, David A, Meegan W, Garry B, Eric K, Dan A are attending the Blackboard conference.
  • Cengage updates for Building Blocks.
  • Session timeouts are resolved.  Configuration file was updated.
  • Bill Frikken’s last day was on Friday.  There is a position posting posted internally.  Mark is picking up some of the tasks such as automation.
  • Early Alert courses are being prepped.
  • Meeting with Kevin O and Ric U on Bb Collaborate.
  • Blackboard Analytics for Learn backend needs to be updated to the latest release of 4.1.
  • Hardware has been ordered haven’t seen it yet for SP11.
  • DLIT offices are moving this Friday to 316M.

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