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March 26, 2013 / dlitgroup

Weekly Updates – March 20th and 27th

DLIT Staff Reports

In addition to supporting faculty via email, dropin, and phone support for Blackboard, instructional technologies, and in the development of online courses, this week was focused on participating in 5.1.4, 4.1.1, and 2.1.3 CAP work.  The most notable was the hosting of the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Showcase along with the “Excellence in Teaching with Technology Award” which was received by Andrew Vanden Heuvel from the Physical Science Department. Additional details are included below.

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from DLIT staff

  • Eric Kunnen
    • Bb AX Partnership Webinar – Updates on the new discussion board and accessibility.  Bb had an audit that provided successful accessibility confirmation. (This new discussion board is in SP11, we are on SP9 and will need college support to upgrade this Spring/Summer.)
    • The Horizon Report in Action: Emerging Technologies Today and Tomorrow Webinar – Technologies that were mentioned in this webinar included:
      Time to Adoption in 1 Year or Less
      1) Massively Open Online Courses
      2) Tablet Computig
      Time to Adoption in 2 to 3 Years
      1) Big Data and Learning Analytics
      2) Game-Based Learning
      Time to Adoption in 4 to 5 Years
      1) 3D Printing
      2) Wearable Technology
    • Attended Bb Collaborate Product Advisory Council Meeting.
    • CAP 4.1.1 – Created OrgSync Module created on Community tab.
    • Highlighted online certifications in GRCC Today and with Deans, Department Heads.
    • Processed AD248 which is a new online courses request for approval.
    • Provided a summary for GRCC Today for the TLT Showcase.
    • Attended the Salute to Women ceremony.
    • CAP 5.1.4 – Made a connection with J. Sargeant Reynolds CC on Redefining “College Ready” For Online Learners about online learner readiness.
    • ISIS Directors – Discussed faculty evaluation system.
    • CAP 5.3.4 – An Analytics for Learn (A4L) “Issues List” was generated  to highlight 7 issues for the A4L deployment and sent to IT.
    • CAP 5.1.4 – Sent email to ISIS email group to request student tips for success.
    • CAP 2.1.3 – Reviewed the ADA feedback from the audits of Blackboard and Bb Content.
    • CAP 5.1.4 – Provided the HLC Sub-team feedback for Goal 1:  Suggested to add a minimum GPA requirement also for eligibility and a statement about course design consistency.  Also, adding in the review, revision, and adoption of DL Faculty Standards.
    • CAP 2.1.3 – Viewed Accessibility and UDL Webinars offered through the MCCVLC. – Key highlights: promote choice (change the way we teach) in learning and promote self-efficacy (change the learner), provide multiple means of engagement/interest (provide options for student interest, optimize relevance, value, minimize distractions), options for sustaining effort and persistence (heighten goals/objectives, vary demands and resources to optimize challenge), foster collaboration, and community, increase “mastery oriented” feedback, and provide options for self-regulation (facilitate personal coping skills, priorities, and strategies, develop self-assessments and reflection, time management, metacognitive to help students realize how engaged they are) and build a “happy classroom” –,
    • NGLC Meeting – Worked on providing some suggestions for the first draft from the grants office.
    • Attended ISIS Meeting
    • Attended SLT
    • Attended ISIS Retreat
    • Facilitated TLT Showcase along with support from the DLIT staff, EOL faculty, and facilities.
    • HLC 2014 – Reviewed the Commission Policy FDCR.A.10.050  “Practices for Verification of Student Identity”
      which connects to our work:
      (1) secure login and pass code;
      We are currently using a secure login and password to access our SIS and Blackboard systems.
      (2) proctored examinations; and
      We are currently delivering proctored face to face assessments in the testing center.
      (3) new or other technologies and practices that are effective in verifying the identity of students.
      We are currently piloting and plan to adopt (at this point I think it’s fair to say) Respondus Monitor for electronic online proctoring as an option for students.
      The piece we need to ensure is if we are planning to deploy Respondus Monitor and make the decision to go ahead – that we must disclose that cost to the student at the time of registration or enrollment.
    • CAP 5.1.4 – Meeting with Ric U and Meegan W
      Workshops in planning:”Is online learning right for me?”
      Online courses provide convenient and flexible learning opportunities for students at GRCC. This workshop will provide an overview of how online learning works and what skills students need to be successful.”7 Habits of a Successful Online Student”
      This workshop is designed for students currently taking an online or hybrid class.  Topics reviewed will be strategies for success, recommended tools and techniques, and support offered for online students.
  • Meegan Willi
    • Facilitated the OHCC – Orientation was on 3/15, Week 1 was on 3/22
    • Viewed UDL webinar from the MCCVLC with Kimberly Fields. It helped to clarify the three areas of UDL for me, multiple means of representation, multiple means of expression, and multiple means of engagement. Kimberly’s focus was on multiple means of engagement. (CAP 2.1.3)
    • Viewed Accessibility webinar from the MCCVLC  – biggest take away the plan Portland Community College had – it included phases, the first phase was to stop developing online courses which are inaccessible, and the second phase is to review the existing courses for accessibility and retrofit them to the college accessibility standards.
    • Attended ISIS Leadership Meeting, 3/26
    • Attended ISIS Retreat, 3/21
    • miBUG – Conference Planning, Working on Agenda with Jim Egan and Klaire Marino, emailed Presenters
    • Planning Meeting with Eric & Ric around supporting online students, 3/14 (CAP 5.1.4)
    • Met with Carol J., 3/14, for one-on-one help with the Blackboard Grade Center
    • Supported the Blackboard Basics session on 3/15
    • Attended Blackboard Team Meeting on 3/18, notes available here:
    • Attended Blackboard Team meeting on 3/25, notes available here:
    • Met with Monica S. on 3/19 for one-on-one Blackboard and Blackboard Drive training
    • Attended Student Success CAP Goal 3 Team Meeting on 3/19 – we divided up our work into four areas, each led by two team members. I will be working on Student Orientation with Gary Ebels (CAP 5.1.4)
    • Reviewed AR 108, and provided Ray H. feedback
    • Set-up, presented at, and clean-up of the Teaching, Learning and Technology Showcase, 3/20
    • Attended Blackboard AX Partnership Meeting on 3/27 – Updates on Accessibility Features in Blackboard (CAP 2.1.3)
  • Jose Mora
    • Helped faculty and staff with:
      •  Learning how to access voicemail from staff phone
      • Issues with not being able to see Safe Assignment. Mark was in the middle of updating the tool.
      • Creating a hyperlink in an announcement
      • Course copy
      • Removing old BB grade center columns
    • Helped students with:
      • Enroll in the honors program
      • Questions about payment to cashiers
      • Enrolling into MCCVLC courses
      • Enroll to the college as a MCCVLC student
      • Processed invoices
      • Attended TLT Showcase
  • Made changes to honors course cap
  • Answered incoming phone calls
  • Answered DLIT email
    • I have a question about the online summer classes for the year 2013. I am interested in taking a few online classes and I am wondering how much they cost each and when I would need to have the money in to pay for them?
    • Will any of the lecture events be taped?
    • I have just recently applied to GRCC and been accepted with planning to take a summer class through you to transfer to my original university in the fall of 2013. I am having some trouble finding where online classes are available to enroll in. If you could please help me with this or instruct me to where I find help for this as soon as possible I would greatly appreciate it.
    • I am not finding the online class I need to take this summer, does this mean you wont have it for the 2013 summer? If so, what do I need to do with my online student access profile to de-activate it as I will need to take the online course somewhere else.
    • Do you think that the school will open up another class or more available seats for the summer term of the online class of ENG 102?
    • I am interested in taking online classes that will transfer to Davenport toward my degree in business management. Who do I need to talk to, to get more information and/or set up a time to schedule classes?
    • Is it too late to sign up for either in class or online course for the summer. I would like to sign up for MA 110 thank you
    • I had previously gone to GRCC 10 years ago; do I still need to apply again?

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from EOL faculty in the department.

  • Lisa Gloege
    • Presented at TLT Showcase
    • Sent comments to ISIS leaders about next year’s planning
    • Worked with faculty on issues with clickers, camtasia, and wikis
  • Gary Ebels
    • Preparation and Participation in the TLT Showcase
    • Facilitated the Blackboard Basics and Grade Book – Online course – enrolled 5 new faculty.
    • ISIS Staff Meeting – prep and attendance
    • Reviewed courses submitted for Blackboard ECP
    • Prep for the Online course Review Committee meeting
  • Mursalata Muhammad
    • Participation in the TLT Showcase
  • Garret Brand
    • Accessibility Webinar (Keyboard Shortcuts and Skip Links in Blackboard)
    • Supporting faculty member with online course development.
    • Facilitate campus and online OHCC Sessions (Orientation and Week One)
    • Grading, Attendance and Reporting for OHCC (Orientation and Week One)
    • Facilitate Blackboard Basics Session
    • Faculty Support (Lockdown Browser, technical questions related to OHCC)
    • Blackboard Team Meetings
    • Testing for Blackboard SP 11 and Blackboard Analytics
    • Preparation for and participation in Technology Showcase
    • UDL Blog Post and Discussion
    • ISIS Staff Meeting Prep and Attendance
    • Hours at

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