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March 25, 2013 / dlitgroup

Bb Team

Present: Jose M, Meegan W, Eric K, Mark N, Garry B

1. Current Issues

  • None reported issues from Help Desk
  • Some slow response time in morning with certain course with large discussion boards.
  • New Hardware is Coming…

2. Building Block Updates

  • Twitter wasn’t working and Szymon posted an updated version on bb18.   Looks to be working.  Some recommendations for visual enhancements still remain.
  • My Courses Plus – Eric will check with Santo for an updated version that runs on SP11.
  • Mass Mailing – Plan for production in next few days.  Communication to faculty will occur through First Friday.
  • Video Everywhere – Tool will be a feature that faculty will benefit from.  We have this on SP11 currently for evaluation.
  • Accessibility – Session at the showcase was well received by faculty.

3. Summer 2013 Begins May 13

  • April 12 kick process for automation of Summer course creation and enrollment with faculty notification set for April 15.

4. miBUG April 19

  • Mark N, David A, Meegan W, Eric K, Garry B are planning to attend.

5. Planning for A4L Implementation

  • Data validation.  To run a series of reports and check to be sure that it’s accurate.  Also includes SIS mapping.
  • Track errors and needs for missing data or reports.  Things like mapping training courses, ssl errors, server errors, etc.

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