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March 18, 2013 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting 3/18

In attendance: Bill Frikken, Meegan Willi, Jose Mora, Garry Brand, Mark Nordblom

1. Current Issues

  • Course Analytics Evaluation Tools not returning accurate/any data. Also, the reports were not running off campus. Eric sent an email to IT, 3/18.
  • Outage on 3/11 – one query was overloading the system, and Mark submitted a ticket to Blackboard which came back with some parameters for database tuning. Forwarded them on to Jess.
    • More investigation is happening, but database going down may be related to a query.
    • The AIR process may take up to 30 days.

2. Project Updates

  • Update on archive and course removal: Archives are in place.
    • FYI: Discussions in AGC currently around records.
  • Building Block Updates:
    • Pearson BB now on Prod
    • Assignment BB now on Dev (bb18), *part of SP 11
    • Blogs BB now on Dev (bb18) *SP 11
    • Retention Center BB no on Dev (bb18) *SP 11
    • New SafeAssign building block (3/18)
    • NBC Learn BB now on Prod



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