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March 13, 2013 / dlitgroup

Weekly Updates – March 13

DLIT Staff Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from DLIT staff

  • Eric Kunnen
    • Created monthly DLIT Newsletter and distributed.
    • Final preparation with facilities to plan to move from 125 to 316M.
    • TLT Showcase planning and promotion.
    • Processed new course request which was approved: Developer: Marianne Bockheim // Course: IF 115 – Consumer Buying
    • Processed new course development approvals: CD 215, developed by Deb Vilmont  // WE 189, developed by Melanie Shiele, and CO 235, developed by Katie Vander Meer // GH 110, developed by Mary Godfrey
    • Participated and provided final OHCC reviews and feedback.
    • Meeting with Lynnae and Meegan on CLS ideas for engaging students.
      Discussed and planned activities include: 1) Common Bb Shells for All Courses (one for online, one for f2f), 2) Researching options for hybrids also to maximize space., 3) creating a student focus group on online learning with IRP,  4) building a new workshop on “Is online right for me?” – to be offered (CLS instructors will give extra credit) and targeted Fall 2013 (to reach out to students to ensure they know what to expect in a DL course),  5) Smarter Measure pilot will be planned for summer in CLS courses, 5) Met with Lynnae and Pearson to discuss curriculum and SmarterMeasure, Bb integration, online resources, accessibility etc. 6) Working with Lynnae on setting up a template for all instructors with Meegan, and 7) Work on testing My StudentSuccess lab.
    • Meeting on ADA audit for online courses.  Highlights:
      – reviewer was impressed with the Bb system
      – reviewer had to hunt for issues and go to AAA to find something
      – batch functions like select all or none are not correctly described for a screen reader (fixed in SP11?)
      – by and large content is accessible
      – some course themes may provide insufficient color contrast
    • Provided list of key users for Proclarity training in prep for the Bb Analytics for Learn Training.
    • Prepared highlight for GRCC Today about NBC video.
    • Bb Upgrade Work, Roadmap, and Planning with David Anderson.
    • Planning for Higgins Lake – presenting on Early Alert.
    • Planning for miBUG – presenting on Bb A4L.
    • Planning for BbWorld – presenting on Bb A4L.
    • Conference call with Bb Connect on 2 way Building Block.
    • Attended EOL Faculty Professional Development Meeting facilitated by Jeremy O.
    • Completed Instructional Software request for IT for office workstations and classroom labs for site licensed software.
    • Held Meeting with Lynnae S on CLS course template with Bb integration.
    • Submitted a workshop title and description to Lynnae S
      “Is online learning right for me?”
      Online courses provide convenient and flexible learning opportunities for students at GRCC. This workshop will provide an overview of how online learning works and what skills students need to be successful.
    • Authored and provided updates re: feedback received to the DLIT Department Plan.
    • Attended Blackboard Learning Analytics Thought Leadership Forum Kick Off Meeting with 17 other colleges.
    • Attended Bb Analytics Training
    • Presented at AGC on the “Minimum Standards of Use for Blackboard”
  • Meegan Willi
    • 2/28, miBUG planning conference call – opened electronic registration and emailed miBUG listserv the information for proposals and registration.
    • Facilitated the OHCC, 3/1 Final Presentations, also viewed online submissions of final presentations, and submitted feedback to Bb Grade Center
    • Met with Eric and Lynnae to discuss CLS 100, the potential to visit courses to discuss online learning, 3/1.
    • Met with Eric and Lynnae to explore the online features of the new CLS 100 textbook companion site, discuss pre population of course templates with a “master template” for face-to-face, online, and hybrid versions of CLS 100 in the future, 3/6.
    • Presented “Creating Accessible Materials” at ESP Learning Day, 3/6
    • Updated Teaching, Learning and Technology Showcase webpage with presenters and mini-sessions,
    • Updated tip sheets for these areas on for content and accessibility, also created tip sheets for items that were listed but did not have a tip sheet linked
      • Checklist
      • Managing Access
      • Some of the Tools
    • Created tip sheet for ESP group on How to OCR Scan on the GRCC Copiers, emailed to MaryBeth and Jennifer for inclusion on their ESP Day flash drive
    • Analytics for Learn training (3/11, 3/12)
    • Participated in Persona Interview with Buhmika from Blackboard, 3/8
    • Create First Friday email for April 3rd – Student Photo Roster
    • Emailed Marianne B. who is developing a new online course, IR 115 – sent Online Course Readiness Rubric, Important Dates, and Instructional Design Resources
  • Jose Mora
    • Helped faculty and staff with:
      • Sharing content  folders with her students
      • Making more space in course content to upload more documents
    • Helped students with:
      • Enrolling in the honors program
      • Turning in intake form
      • Questions about payment to cashiers
      • Removed from study away program
      • Enrolling into MCCVLC courses
      • Enroll to the college as a MCCVLC student
      • Service Learning hours questions
    • Processed invoices
    • Worked on logistics for TLT Showcase
    • Created more honors course
    • Attended Blackboard Analytics training (2 full days)
    • Answered incoming phone calls
  • Answered DLIT email
    • Does GRCC offer oline degree programs in business? If so, what are the costs?
    • I would like to start to online school asap.
    • I have a question regarding online classes that are not hybrid, but one of the graded assignment is attend lecture on Campus during the day or evening take notes and complete a series of questions for a grade. The class I signed up for is not a hybrid online class, so why should I have to travel to attend a lecture for a grade. Shouldn’t this be considered an extra credit assignment? Please Advise. If this is a question you are unable to answer please direct me to the appropriate staff member.
    • I had previously enrolled at GRCC but was considered a non resident. However, I have moved and I would now be considered a resident. How can I change my address with GRCC?
    •  I was wondering if I could be mailed a summer online course catalog?

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from EOL faculty in the department.

  • Lisa Gloege
    • Finished Blackboard Exemplary Course Program Review
    • Gathering questions/discussion around new processes for online course approval committee
    • Changed TLT showcase presentation to avoid redundancy
  • Gary Ebels
  • Mursalata Muhammad
    • Blackboard ECP Review
    • TLT Showcase Proposal
    • Attended ISIS CTE Meeting
    • Rescheduled CTE Session
    • Provided CTE Faculty Professional Development Planning Feedback
  • Garret Brand
    • Grading, Review Presentations, Reporting and Final Certification
    • OHCC Incompletes
    • Create OHCC Winter (2)
    • Enroll Participants
    • Open orientation and facilitate new OHCC
    • Create templates
    • Building Block Testing
    • Hours at

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