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February 25, 2013 / dlitgroup

Bb Team Meeting – Feb 25

Present: Eric K, Meegan W, Garry B, Mark N, Jose M

1) Bb Mobile Building Block Update

  • Compiled in test.  Mark will plan to place into production tonight.

2) NBC Content Building Block Update

  • Compiled in test. Mark will plan to place into production.

3) Sessions not Expiring Update

  • Resolved.

4) Course Quota – Issue resolved in SP11, Proactive Communication Possibilities? (Action step: Mark – is there a way to determine which courses are near or at their quota?)

  • CLS will be mandatory based on AGC decision.  Lynnae has requested that all CLS classes be created with a set of pre-packaged content.  Bill Frikken will need to be involved as this will require a modification of snapshot/automation. The “master template” will also need to be defined.
  • This has been tested and the course copy process with this service pack will save disk space as the course files are copied if they are linked.  The entire course file folder will no longer be copied in it’s entirety.

5) Debrief Help Desk Mailing Response – Update from IT Meeting to discuss issue.

  • IT is working on additional relay servers.
  • There was no apparent communication to faculty when this outage occurred.
  • The team is requesting priority for the email sent from Bb to students so campus mass mailing doesn’t interfere with important instructor and student communications.

6) Updates from the help desk (common issues or reports)

  • No updates provided.

7) Pearson Building Block needs to be tested and scheduled for production (Action step: Mark – we need to install the Pearson building block on test, is that bb16?)

  • Working on installing on test.

8) SP11 needs to be installed on Test (bb18) (Action step: Mark – install SP11 on bb18.)

  • Already there!  Course copies need to be tested.

9) What are the performance strategies for improving test environment (it’s too slow for effective testing) (Add to next week’s Blackboard Team Meeting agenda.)

  • Additional VM requested by Mark to David.

10) Faculty request related to contacting multiple sections at once (There are two building blocks which allow you to email multiple sections. We need to install the building blocks on test and determine we want to install one of these in production.)

  • Team will locate Building Blocks and test.

11) What is the status of the accessibility check? Are the courses running on production?

  • Courses ran on test.  Will receive feedback by end of month.

12) Relay – Raidercast mashup, shell script, and upgrade planning to latest release.

  • The goal is to improve the way MP3 files are included into the mashup.
  • Investigate the iTunes U Building Block v2.

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