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February 18, 2013 / dlitgroup

Bb Team Meeting

Attending:  Meegan W, Eric K, Jose M – Meeting was unable to be held without other members of the team.

1) Bb Mobile Update
2) NBC Content Update
3) Sessions not Expiring Update
4) Course Quota – Issue resolved in SP11, Proactive Communication Possibilities? (Action step: Mark – is there a way to determine which courses are near or at their quota?)
5) Debrief Help Desk Mailing Response – Update from IT Meeting to discuss issue.
6) Updates from the help desk (common issues or reports)
7) Pearson Building Block needs to be tested and scheduled for production (Action step: Mark – we need to install the Pearson building block on test, is that bb16?)
8) SP11 needs to be installed on Test (bb18) (Action step: Mark – install SP11 on bb18.)
9) What are the performance strategies for improving test environment (it’s too slow for effective testing) (Add to next week’s Blackboard Team Meeting agenda.)
10) Faculty request related to contacting multiple sections at once (There are two building blocks which allow you to email multiple sections. We need to install the building blocks on test and determine we want to install one of these in production.)
11) What is the status of the accessibility check? Are the courses running on production?


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