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February 12, 2013 / dlitgroup

Weekly Updates – February 13

DLIT Staff Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from DLIT staff

  • Eric Kunnen
    • Completed LET Rubric for Pottery room
    • Attended Online Video Accessibility in 2013 – How to Comply
    • Updated Bb upgrade page to include information about the new service packs that have accessibility improvements. GRCC will need to plan to upgrade in the summer to take advantage of issue fixes, new features and ADA enhancements:
    • Reviewed Student Survival Guide for changes to information about online learning.
    • Attended GRCC Leadership Institute – Focus was on innovation with Moss I.
    • Attended Cisco Briefing Center in Chicago with Mark V, Todd T, and Kevin O to review telepresence and video technologies that could assist in student retention, completion, and success.
      Attended the Sloan-C Webinar – The session was delivered using Blackboard Collaborate and was closed captioned in realtime! “What Students with Disabilities Want Faculty and Administrators to Know” – The top challenges included PowerPoint presentations where screen readers could not recognize content, video content may be lost without seeing/sight, and then navigating 3rd part websites and reference software can conflict with screen reading software.  Recommended: students need to understand and become familiar with DSS services, communicate proactively with DSS and faculty, ensure consistent procedures are in place, aware of disabled students, create course content materials that are accessible, captions for video, and enable personal learning objectives and modes of delivery that best suits needs of students. Each disability has it’s own uniqueness, students and DSS need to be willing to do trail and error to find out what works best.  Patience and pioneering is required.
    • Held a Respondus Monitor Meeting – Meeting with Yumi around assessment needs for HLC.
    • Facilitated the ETOM Board Meeting – Facilitated meeting as president with discussions centring around planning the upcoming conferences.
    • Attended AGC
      Attended the ISIS Leadership directors meeting. Discussions around department plans and presentations for Deans Council.
    • Planning and writing for the Department Plan.
    • Meeting with IRP on Student Survey for DL
    • Blackboard Product Development Partnership begins:
      The 2013 PDP program will focus on core Teaching & Learning tools, including but not limited to the following:
      •    Assignment grading
      •    Classroom assessment delivery
      •    Discussion tool
      •    Retention tools
      •    Student management
  • Meegan Willi
    • Co-facilitated the OHCC.
    • Met with Nancy F. via the phone to help with weighted grades and deleting files to eliminate the over course quota error, 2/7.
    • Met with Jennifer L. for one-on-one Respondus training, 2/7.
    • Met with Carol J. to assist with entering attendance confirmations, 2/7.
    • Met with Eric, Mark V., Jim S., and Kurt M. on 2/7 to discuss i>clicker support – resources we have on our website at, what faculty receive when they request a kit, and how to support faculty during evening and weekend hours.
    • Attended the Blackboard Team Meeting on 2/11.
    • Met with Katie B. for one-on-one Blackboard Drive training, 2/11.
    • Met with Eric and Yumi on 2/12 to review the current status of the Respondus Monitor pilot.
    • Met with Bill H. for one-on-one training on importing pools from Test Gen and creating exams in Blackboard, 2/12.
    • Participated in Blackboard’s 2013 Product Development Partnership kickoff meeting on 2/13.
    • Promoted the 7th Annual Teaching, Learning and Technology Showcase. We have a call out for presenters for the showcase as well as nominations for the Excellence in Teaching with Technology Award.
    • Worked on the clicker resources on our webpage to make it easier to locate the self-hep resources (tip sheets and video tutorials).
    • Revised all of the i>clicker tip sheets to ensure that they are accessible.
    • Met with Candace D. for training and questions on Blackboard and teaching online, 2/13.
    • Helped other faculty drop-ins, calls and emails. The issues were:
      • How to locate missing files in a course
      • Troubleshooting missing attendance confirmations
      • Sending emails and announcements to multiple course sections at one time
      • How to print off an exam in Blackboard
  • Jose Mora
    • Helped faculty and staff with:
      • Raising a flag in in early alert
      • Inputting grades in BB grade center
      • Updating participation confirmation in peoplesoft (for financial aid purposes)
      • Issues of videos not showing on the raidercast server; there was was time constraint
      • Creating a discussion board forum and an assignment
      • Visibility of column in grade book
      • Turning in her SL timesheets
      • Enroll non-honor student into honor course
      • Correct class set up for an honors course
    • Helped students with:
      • Turning in honors contract
      • Accepting SL on her student center
      • Enrolling in the honors program
      • Questions about Phi Theta Kappa and commencement.
      • turning in intake form
    • Enrolled students in courses
    • Reserved cap for MCCVLC classes
    • Helped students who came to drop of intake form
    • Processed reimbursements
    • Reserved hotel for upcoming conferences
    • Registered staff for upcoming conferences
    • Processed invoices
    • Attended Donuts day
    • Archived and managed various in coming documents
    • Ordered food for event
    • Worked with Penni in preparation of my leave to conference
    • Attended ISIS Operations meeting
    • Attended ISIS Leadership meeting
    • Attended BB Team Meeting
    • Attended Disability Students webinar
    • Attended ADA in Classroom webinar
    • Attended Study Abroad Organizational and Program Resources webinar
    • Answered incoming phone calls
    • Answered DLIT email
      • Can you please inform me of my password to log-in online services.
      • I was wondering how much it would cost to take statistics as an online course this summer. I am a student at Calvin College hoping to be able to take this course online from my home in Denver. Thank you very much for your help!
      • I’m interested in taking a summer class at Grand Rapids Community College for the summer 2013 semester. I am hoping to take EN 102 as an online course. I was wondering if you could tell me about how much it would cost.
      • I am attempting to figure out how to apply for an online class this summer. I am looking for a transfer credit from GRCC to my current university. I am currently attending college in Indiana but I am a Grand Rapids resident. What is the best way for me to do this? Do I apply for a guest student? I really appreciate your help through all of this. Thank you so much.

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from EOL faculty in the department.

  • Lisa Gloege
    • Met with Jeremy O. to discuss CTE work
    • Assisted individual faculty (with clickers & blackboard)
    • Reviewing new online course submissions
    • Recruiting showcase participants
  • Gary Ebels
    • Reviewing Online course submissions for Committee Meeting
    • Working one-on-one with instructor about online course submission
    • Worked one-on-one with instructor who wants to start using Camtasia Relay
    • Worked one-on-one with instructor who was having difficulty with tests in Blackboard
    • Worked one-on-one with instructor who wants to use Safe Assignment.
  • Mursalata Muhammad
    • Planning CTE Sessions with Sabbatical team
    • Rescheduling Teaching with Technology session (was cancelled due to weather)
    • Sent email request (with Lisa Gloege) to recruit reviewers for Blackboard Exemplary Course award
    • Updated CTE Blackboard page (continuous)
    • Working with CTE to offer SoTL sessions
    • Drafting potential Educause proposal
    • Recruiting Teaching with Technology showcase participants
  • Garret Brand
    • Facilitate OHCC online sessions
    • Facilitate OHCC campus session
    • OHCC Reporting
    • UDL Reading and Session (UDL covered this week in OHCC)
    • Blackboard Team Meeting
    • TLT Showcase planning and promotion
    • Webinars on Accessibility and Video
    • Faculty Support
    • Hours at

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