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February 6, 2013 / dlitgroup

Weekly Updates – February 6

DLIT Staff Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from DLIT staff.

  • Eric Kunnen
    • Discussed updating the FAQ page with Jose M.  See:
    • Attended MCCVLC Webinar / Advisory Council Meeting – Paula S and Eric K attended the webinar.   Mike Hansen, the president of MCCA provided some highlights.  Contacts were made with legislature. The new VLC tuition rates were approved for 2013-14.  Reminders include to complete the enrolment report (these are presented to the Presidents) and you can upload Spring/Summer 2013 sessions now.A webinar is coming up on accessibility through the VLC from Portland Community College.  Carnegie Mellon Community College Online Learning Initiative report by Erick Haight from North Central Michigan College and how he was using the psychology  content in his class. NCAT course redesign project.ETOM Higgins Lake Retreat on June 10, 11 with 4 areas on open education resources, early alert, app sharing, and accessibility. SmarterMeasure discount of 20% currently.  There is an option of a free trial. (30 day pilot is possible in GRCC’s CLS class.)  GRCC should investigate this.

      UDL presentation for online learning using principles for better course design included: Equitable Use, Flexible Use, Simple and Intuitive, Perceptible Information, Tolerance for Error, and Low Physical and Technical Effort.  (Presentation will be shared on the VLC website.)

      Glen Oaks just had a site visit on for their distance learning program and provided an update. MiCTA offers a free membership to the MCCVLC member schools.  This organization provides group buys and discounted rates for technology.  GRCC is part of the accessibility project called Project Goals.

    • Blog post & GRCC Today – Highlighting top 10 videos on NBC.
    • Attended ISIS Directors Retreat
    • Attended LET Meeting – Discussion about reviewing courses by delivering as survey to faculty to review classrooms according to the standards.
    • Attended ADA CAP Meeting – Updates from sub-teams.
    • Attended DL FAB Meeting – Discussion on issue paper topics and will provide feedback and communication to the Strengthening CAP and AGC Exec.
    • Attended ADA in the Classroom Webinar
    • Held Ivy Tech CC Conference Call – Sharing and collaborating upgrading Blackboard.
    • Held a Pearson Meeting – Met to discuss options for instructors around content and training opportunities that may be available to instructors.
    • Meeting with David A, Mark N about the Deans Council AGC Minimum Use Standards presentation.
    • iClicker Meeting with Mark V, Kurt M, Meegan W, Jim S about iClicker support.  There is a desire for a clicker session and Jeremy O was looped in.
    • Held Donuts with DLIT for National Digital Learning Day
      Attendees included: Ann A, Jeremy O, Mark N, Jose M, Meegan W, Sue Y, Barb B, Bernard M, Carmella Z, Sherry K, Lisa G, Brent S, Student – Student mentioned most of his instructors don’t allow him to use your laptop.  Some teacher don’t really know how to use projection.  It’s easier to do my work on my own computer because I know how to use it.  Difficult to use Aleks for him for other students it seemed fine.  Suggest that instructors use Blackboard.  Even if they post grades and information about the assignments it makes it easier.  Information online is helpful.  More help for students about Blackboard things like how to send email how to do assignments or use the discussion board.  Another student joined the event and mentioned that all of his instructors use Blackboard.  Student email to make it more integrated with Blackboard such as single sign on and a module that shows new email is available.   Currently can’t use his laptop in class… but it depends on what is being taught.  Taking an online class would be self-discipline would be a concern.  A dependable interaction between the instructor.  Being able to email the instructor and get a response within a short amount of time.
    • Lisa G mentioned that their department will be serving as reviewers for the Blackboard Exemplary Course Award Program (Lisa G, Susan W, Heather F, Mike L).
    • Requested highlight in GRCC Today for support resources for syllabi / AGC –
    • Made listserv connection with U of Louisville for using CRM for distance learning students.
    • Sent highlight email to Deans to include:1) Blackboard and ADA UpdatesBlackboard has recently been awarded conformance in the WCAG 2.0 Level AA standards for accessibility by Deque Systems.  This conformance was issued for the latest patchset release which is Service Pack 11.  (GRCC is currently 2 patch levels behind as we are on Service Pack 9.)

      Note:  In order to take advantage of this new level of support for accessibility, the college will need to make plans to apply the SP11 patch to the production Bb system.  Based on our experience in the past, the best time frame for piloting, training, and patching the Blackboard system is in the Summer.  (Also, we installed SP10 on a test server back in November of last year and Service Pack 12 will be released this April.)

      2) MCCVLC ADA Webinar “To Care and Comply: Approaching Accessibility in Online Courses”
      3) DLIT Accessibility Tips for Faculty
      4) National Digital Learning Day & Donuts – Wednesday, February 6 – 11:30 to 1:30 in 347M
      5) Blackboard Exemplary Course Program – Department Head Email

    • Investigating co-presenting with Jean M, Director, Learning Technologies Support, Texas Woman’s University at BbWorld.
    • Attended a hirepotential conference call about audit of Blackboard and Online Courses.  Breakdown into 2 parts into Bb review and a set of online courses.  HP uses a blend of automated and manual approach.   JAWS, DragonNaturally Speaking, ZoomText, and other tools.  WCAG and NAA standards are used.
    • Meeting setup with Lynnae S to discuss the idea and question suggested by Ric U of: How can CLS 100 students learn more about how to learn online and how (or if) to choose an online course.  Ensuring students are aware of student support resources and /online is important along with potential for use of piloting SmarterMeasure which is a readiness assessment.
  • Meegan Willi
    • Planning the TLT Showcase which will be on March 21st on the DeVos Campus from 11-2. The website is updated –
    • Facilitate OHCC
    • Held a chat with Vicki Meyers regarding online testing, pros and cons, and questions about preventing students from cheating, 1/31.
    • Completed and submitted mid-year PDD.
    • Facilitated a session on Creating Accessible Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents on 1/31.
    • Conference call for miBUG Spring Conference planning on 2/1.
    • Met with Laura Sloma for Blackboard Grade Center training/assistance, 2/1.
    • CTE Director’s Retreat, 2/4.
    • ADA CAP Meeting, 2/5. Updates from the four subteams.
    • DL FAB Meeting, 2/5. We discussed three issues from the last DL FAB meeting and our next steps.
    • Participated in Digital Learning Day, Donuts and Distance Learning & Blackboard and Bagels, 2/6.
    • Conference call with Eric, Mark, and Ivy Tech discussing our experience upgrading to Blackboard SP 9, 2/6.
    • Attended webinar on ADA in the Classroom, 2/6.
  • Jose Mora
    • Helped faculty and staff with
      • fund transfer in FSPROD
      • creating a weighted column in grade center
      • uploading a syllabus.
      • grade students assignment; it was grey’d out. He had the assignments set as unavailable.
      • clickers
    • Enrolled students in course
    • Answered incoming phone calls
    • Answered DLIT email
      • Do any of the sections of Macroeconomics (EC 251) in Summer 2013 require coming to campus for exams or for any other class requirements?  Or are all sections of this course entirely online?

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from EOL faculty in the department.

  • Lisa Gloege
    • Planning TLT Showcase
    • Attended DL Faculty Advisory Board Meeting
    • Attended DLIT donuts & bagels event
    • Attended ADA in the classroom webinar
  • Gary Ebels
    • Attended DL Faculty Advisory Board Meeting
    • Enrolled 2 new learners in Blackboard Basics and Grade Book
  • Mursalata Muhammad
    • .
  • Garret Brand
    • Coordinating TLT Showcase
    • Faculty Support
    • Facilitate OHCC, Grading, Reporting
    • OHCC Campus Session
    • DL Planning
    • Prepare for, attend and follow-up on DL Faculty Advisory Board Meeting
    • Hours at

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