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January 22, 2013 / dlitgroup

Weekly Updates – January 23

DLIT Staff Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from DLIT staff.

  • Eric Kunnen
    • Spent time for planning for Sessions/Topics for W13.
    • Attended the ETOM Board Meeting – Discussed Higgins Lake Retreat and Fall Conference planning.
    • Investigated support options for faculty for clickers out of hours with Mark V.
    • Discussed Respondus Monitor in a meeting with Yumi W and Meegan W.  This is a tool to help prevent cheating in non-proctored assessments which is a recommendation by HLC.
    • Held a meeting with Jeremy O on FPD plans for Winter 2013.
    • Meeting with Garry B and Bill F on OHCC and faculty development and certification.
    • Met with Vick J, Ric U, Abbot K, Art J for planning DLIT’s move from 125M to 316M.
    • Reviewed Tipsheet for new Respondus Monitor tool that Meegan W created.
    • Sent inquiry from Bb AX Partnership to Sarah R, Garry B, Meegan W, Mark N for feedback on the new discussion board in Bb regarding screen reader and keyboard support.
    • Enrolled in OER101 is an open course developed collaboratively by individuals at several SUNY institutions. It is a self-paced online community course that has been built to demonstrate how to find, adapt, and develop OERs step-by-step. Great for anyone who would like to learn more about OER’s.  Registration at:
    • Gmail Meeting – Attended and reviewed with team how to do busy searches, how filters work, etc.
    • Bb Team Meeting – Facilitated and managed meeting.  Took notes.
    • Share the following highlights in a email to Deans:
      1) DLIT Newletter & Welcome Back/Startup Information for Blackboard
      The following newsletter and semester startup information was sent to all faculty this week. Blackboard Exemplary Course Award Program Deadline is February 15th
      Please encourage faculty in your areas to consider submitting their course to the exemplary course program! 16 GRCC Faculty Participate in the Online and Hybrid Certification Course
      The Winter cohort begins with the course revisions suggested by Deans. Accessibility and Blackboard Resources for Faculty
      A recap of the accessibility information from Learning Day.
    • Meeting about PS and DL – Setup a meeting with Lori C about how courses are listed in Peoplesoft for students to improve clarity during registration process.
  • Meegan Willi
    • miBUG – Had a conference call with Tiffany Tooley from Blackboard about Blackboard’s support for Blackboard User Groups and the upcoming miBUG conference on April 19th.
    • Attended the Blackboard Team Meeting.
    • Met with Art J.on i>clickers and getting reports and user data from i>grader.
    • Met with the Online Course Review Committee, we reviewed WE 189 and returned it to the faculty developer for changes.
    • Set up the meetings for the Online Course Review Committee for the remainder of the semester, we will stick with the second Thursday of the month from 4:00-5:00 pm.
    • Met with Eric and the DLIT EOL Faculty to discuss professional development this semester and the Teaching, Learning and Technology Showcase.
    • Supported Garry at the Blackboard Basics session on 1/18.
    • Co-facilitated the OHCC Orientation session on 1/18 and the online OHCC.
    • Met with Deb V. regarding a new online course she is developing CD 215.
    • Met with Linda W. for Blackboard Grade Center training – setting up weighted grades.
    • Met with Eric to work on our PDDs.
    • Review some new tools Blackboard is working on – discussions and grading assignments.
    • Created a guide for the Respondus Monitor pilot faculty.
  • Jose Mora
    • Sheila Schindler needed help in uploading a document to Blackboard
    • Michael Boerman needed help with creating a content area in BB
    • Thomas Boersma wanted to learn how to upload documents to Blackboard.
    • Marybeth Bradley needed help setting up course cartridge, giving feedback on journals, and sending emails to her students via BB.
    • Deb Nordman’s students could not see course documents; she had it hidden and blocked from students.
    • Ennis Young wanted to re-arrange the order of his My Courses Plus list in BB. There is no way to this but I showed him a workaround for it. I had him add a My courses module and move it to the top of his BB page and minimize the other module.
    • Dominic Mattone needed a refresher on how to use a test student account in Blackboard
    • Timothy Pieri wanted to link to documents in his course from his “my content” area and also set up a safe assignment.
    • Gathered online data for MLIVE interview
    • Enrolled students in course
    • Processed reimbursements
    • Answered incoming phone calls
    • Answered DLIT email
      • I am taking an online class through a different school, and i was wondering if you had any sort of proctoring service to take exams at your campus.
      • I dropped her classes, and added two of the three others she wants to take. I would like to gain permission to get into the following class as well. I am hoping that there will be a drop, or that I can gain permission from the professor.
      • I am an international student from Hong Kong, I am taking a hybrid class but right now I have just been confirm that caught a seasoning flu, that I won’t be able to go for the first meeting on this coming Wed. I t will be nice if you can give me her email address or please past this message to her.
      • With classes starting up I’m a bit concerned. My hybrid class is not showing up in BB. I am registered for it. I have the books for it. My accounting class is there. But not the hybrid for BA247. Who do I contact?
      • Is there any way I can be squeezed into one of the online MUS 110 sections? This is the second semester I’ve tried to get in to that course, but it’s been full by the time I got to it both times.
      • Hi i was just wondering, i am taking two online classes. One is English 101 and the other one is Sociology. My English class shows up on but my sociology one does not.. should i wait a couple more days for it to show up or should i be concerned
      • I have been a stay at home mom for several years now. While I have a degree in Social Work, as I look at returning to the workforce, I am finding that my computer skills may no be sufficient. I am looking for ways to learn PC basics to make myself more marketable. (I have more of an apple background.) What options does GRCC offer in terms of auditing classes, online instruction, etc? I may also be interested in learning some Spanish in the future. I have a high school background and know some basics.
      • Hello, I am curious if there is something else I have to do for my online course to show up on my blackboard? I am registered in PS 110 and when I log in to blackboard it doesn’t say I am registered in any classes.
      • Hi i was just wondering, i am taking two online classes. One is English 101 and the other one is Sociology. My English class shows up on but my sociology one does not.. should i wait a couple more days for it to show up or should i be concerned?
      • I am missing a class on my Blackboard. If you could assist in me with getting this corrected before classes get started I would greatly appreciate it.
      • I am interested in enrolling in your online classes i currently attend Tennessee State University can you tell me what I need to do to enroll.
      • I’m looking for information on online classes, an wondering if you have a course to become an RN. I went to a trade school awhile back so Ive never been to an actual college so I’m not very familiar with what classes that I need. If you could please get back to me with any information that can get me going in the right direction!
      •  How do I contact the instructor for the online class?
      • I am currently a senior at Byron Center HS. I was wondering what online options you have for the summer of 2013. I am looking to get maybe one or two general education classes done before I go to college.
      • I received my AA in liberal arts in June 2011. I need to take college algebra and I was wondering if there is a class 100 online since I move to Texas? Could I still take classes online from GRCC?

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from EOL faculty in the department.

  • Lisa Gloege
    • -Met with online course review committee
      -Worked with several individual faculty members with blackboard and clicker questions
      -Met with DLIT group for semester planning meeting
  • Gary Ebels
    • – Met with instructor for final review of Online course submission
      – Reviewed on online course submission
      – On-Line Course Review Committee
      – Enrolled 3 new learners in Blackboard Basics – Online course
      – Attended DLIT January 2013 meeting
  • Mursalata Muhammad
    • Assisting with OrgSync ePortfolio pilot
    • Met with J. Osborn to plan hour long Teaching with Technology session for Friday, Feb. 8th.
  • Garret Brand
    • Faculty Support
    • Facilitate OHCC
    • Meet regarding Online Faculty Development
    • Blackboard Basics
    • OHCC Orientation
    • Templates
    • Assist with online course development
    • Blackboard Team Meeting
    • DLIT EOL Meeting
    • Hours at

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