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January 21, 2013 / dlitgroup

Bb Team Meeting – January 21

Present:  Fred Bauman, Bill Frikken, Mark Nordblom, Garry Brand, Eric Kunnen, Meegan Willi

1. Current Issues

  • No major issues!
  • Update on Fixing Course Reports – All systems are go here and things are working correctly.  The job was being interrupted by the utilities server.
  • Course Copy – SP10 has fixes in that it only copies linked content.

2. Projects and Plans for 2013

  • Database – Index tables are helping to improve performance.  Oracle 11 R2.2 there are some IO issues.  The plan is to go to R2.3 and apply to test.  Double the memory on the Bb database downtime will be required for end users.
  • A4L – Analytics team from Bb will be here for training.
  • Automation – Combined sections, MU courses lists (Peoplesoft expert needed), portal roles, etc.
  • Upgrade Testing – Planning for faculty involvement for testing the upgrade.  Establish the test group. Build a faculty super group that signed off.
  • Goals and Alignments – Student performance and analytics tools for program review.

3. Respondus Monitor Pilot

  • Assessment tool for faculty to decrease cheating in online assessment.

4. Help Desk and Faculty/Student Support Updates

  • No major issues
  • Basic training for instructors is somewhat common
  • Tipsheets and website is relayed to faculty
  • Faculty support discussion – we have Bb, website,, kb in Grouplink, blogs?
  • Callers usually want immediate help…  currently the staffing levels don’t support this realistically.
  • Cleanup of /learnbb to simplify keep it organized.   Communication methods to ensure awareness.

5. Review Bb Policies –

  • Policies have been reviewed.

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