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January 16, 2013 / dlitgroup

Weekly Updates – January 16

DLIT Staff Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from DLIT staff.

  • Eric Kunnen
    • Updated Early Alert Portal Page upon request from Lynnae S.
    • Reviewed: “Campus IT Priorities: A Conversation with Kenneth C. Green of The Campus Computing Project”
      with the top CIO priorities mentioned:
      1) Assisting faculty with instructional integration of IT returns as a top CIO priority
      2) Providing adequate user support
      3) Hiring/retaining qualified staff
      4) Providing online education
      5) Implementing mobile
    • Work with Meegan W on cleaning up the entire set of tipsheets and tutorials for Blackboard on
    • Reviewed Furniture for Cook Hall using the provided rubric.
    • Held a meeting with Jeremy and Meegan around FPD topics for Feb, Mar, Apr.  Discussions around: accessibility sessions (captioning, creating accessible content), TLT Showcase, effective use of instructional technology,
      formats – F2F, ondemand, drop ins, panel with DSS, learning circles, communicating best practices, etc.
    • Wrote at highlight of the Campus Computing Project Survey.  See:
      1) For community colleges ~78% use cloud email for students, compared with ~21% for faculty email, with ~15% for online office apps
      2) For LMS’s in the cloud, community colleges lead with 50% reporting to be hosting their system outside of the campus which is up 10% from 2011
      3) Blackboard continues to be the prominent LMS provider across all sectors.
      4) The importance of mobile apps continues to rise with over 70% of community colleges indicating mobility being part of the campus plan.
    • Attended the “Leadership Institute Alumni and New Leaders Session” this was a session by Varnum Consulting on  “Be Bright, Be Brief, Be Gone.”
    • Attended the “Leadership Training = Session 1: Leadership @ GRCC”.
    • Went through the and websites to update and cleanup.
    • Enrolled Jeremy into the UDL/Accessibility Course on Bb with plans to research on the possible use at GRCC.
    • Largest enrollment at GRCC in online courses at 6,170 for Winter 2013 which is a 17% increase from last year. This is one of the largest ever for online compared with overall campus enrollments down about -5%.
    • Worked with Jody G on coordinating Blackboard Analytics for Learn (A4L) training/orientation March 11th – Attendees recommended include:
      Mark Nordblom
      David Anderson
      Eric Kunnen
      Meegan Willi
      Jose Mora
      Garret Brand
      Katie Daniels
      Ric Underhile
      Patti Trepkowski
      Bruce Morrison
      Heath Chelesvig
      William Frikken
      Jody Graves
      Paul Herdegen
    • Attended GRCC Opening Day and Faculty Learning Day.
    • Send an opening semester DLIT Newsletter to all faculty with details around semester startup.
    • Facilitated Drop In Hours for faculty on Thursday evening.  (One faculty came in for assistance.)
    • Provided feedback to leadership about Bb accessibility, Service Pack upgrade priorities as well as testing and active support for the infrastructure supporting Bb.
    • Participated in an ITACCESS Conference Call – Portland State, NC State University, California State University, Devry, West Texas A&M, University of Wisconsin-Madison were on the call.  Discussion around putting together a research study in the accessibility area for the Core Data Service Survey. The 2008 ATHEN Survey on Accessible Technology in Higher Education was referenced:1) Accessibility policies
      2) What challenges do you face in implementing your accessibility policy?
      3) Who is responsible for accessibility?
      4) How many resources (FTE) are dedicated to accessibility?
      5) What type of resources are available to your campus in making an accessible environment?
    • Created and send a December DLIT Newsletter
    • Collected information from a listserv on fees:  Suffolk County Community College Distance Learning Fee – $65 for one or more classes, Campus Computing Survey – 63.6% of community colleges have a technology fee(s), average total annual full-time student fee is $146, EDUCAUSE Core Data Service, 75% of AA institutions have a student tech fee, and the average amount is $191
    • Created a “Top Post” blog article for 2012:
    • Created a blog post for: Blackboard Survey Highlights
    • Researched accessibility through reading “Making Online Teaching Accessible” which is a book that is from 2008 so the information is a little dated but still worthwhile.  Some highlights:
      • Give tips to students with disabilities on how to best navigate and submit assignments.  Give tips to them on the skills needed to use adaptive technology.
      • Give tips to faculty on the LMS features that can be most troublesome with workarounds and the types of content and file formats that can be the most difficult.  Design with end in mind and help faculty learn how to create accessible content.
      • Give administrators a role to play in ensuring priority is placed on Bb upgrades for accessibility. (The latest release of Bb, Service Pack 10 contains several improvements for accessibility.)
      • Give tips for when using commercial or textbook materials that they must be accessible.
  • Meegan Willi
    • Met with a new adjunct on 1/4 for one-on-one Blackboard training.
    • Created and sent out the First Friday Tip on 1/4 – Switching Between Courses.
    • Facilitated two Learning Day sessions on Creating Accessible Courses & Materials.
    • Staffed the beginning of the semester drop-ins on Friday, 1/11 from 9:30-3:30 and Monday, 1/14 from 3:00-6:00.
    • Attended the ADA Cap Meeting on 1/8.
    • Attended the Blackboard Team Meeting on 1/14.
    • Met with Eric and Jeremy to discuss the Winter 2013 Faculty Professional Development Offerings on 1/14.
    • Worked with Eric to reorganize the Blackboard Tip Sheets. There is more upcoming work that will be done on updating the tip sheets and ensuring accessibility of the documents.
    • Met with Eric and Yumi to discuss the Repondus Monitor Pilot on 1/16.
    • Met with Carol J. for one-on-one Blackboard help.
    • Met with Candace D. for one-on-one Blackboard help.
    • Attended GRCC Opening Day.
    • Assisted other faculty drop-ins and emails as recorded on the DLIT Tracking form: assisted with questions around closed captioning in Camtasia Relay, deleting discussion forums, setting up grade centers, changing grading schemas, and uploading powerpoints.
    • Reviewed two courses for faculty with the Blackboard Exemplary Course Rubric.
    • Began the OHCC.
  • Jose Mora
    • Helped faculty whom dropped in
    • Enrolled students in course
    • Processed reimbursements
    • Answered incoming phone calls
    • Answered DLIT email

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from EOL faculty in the department.

  • Lisa Gloege
    • Staffed faculty drop-in hours
    • Worked with several individual faculty members with questions about clickers and blackboard
    • Reviewed WE 189 for online offering
  • Gary Ebels
    • Staffed 2 shifts in Blackboard Open Lab
    • Facilitated Blackboard Basics and Grade Book Online – enrolled 6 new learners
    • Assisted adjunct faculty one-on-one with Blackboard, Camtasia and i>Clicker questions and set-up
  • Mursalata Muhammad
    • Reviewed WE 189
    • Attended faculty learning day
  • Garret Brand
    • OHCC Administration (registrations, drops, enroll)
    • OHCC Facilitation (make available, orientation, questions)
    • Blackboard Meeting
    • Meet with Assoc Dean re: Online Faculty Development
    • Exemplary Course Review
    • Faculty Support
    • Hours at

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