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December 20, 2012 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Faculty Survey Results 2012

Each year, GRCC surveys students and faculty regarding their use of Blackboard.  This post provides several highlights from the survey of faculty.

Blackboard FACULTY Survey

  • N = 151 with a response rate of 67% adjunct and 33% full time faculty.
  • 81% of survey responders are not teaching distance learning classes.
  • On average 41% of faculty use Blackboard every day, with another by 47% indicating they use the system between 3 and 6 days per week.
  • 52% of faculty have used the Blackboard system for more than 5 years.
  • When asked how do you use Blackboard faculty indicated using it for: syllabus, students, course documents, discussion board, videos, communication, grade book, and course materials as the top keywords.
  • When asked to rate the ease of use to upload a syllabus and adding faculty contact information, 96% indicate easy or very easy to use.
  • Faculty were asked to rate the performance and efficiency of the Bb system this semester and 77% rated the system at Good or Excellent (18% indicated “fair” and 5% indicated “poor”).
  • When asked to pick which features where used this semester, faculty selected: Announcements (93%), Email (91%), Grade Center (89%), Uploading Content (84%), Photo Roster (64%), Assignments (59%), Assessments (40%), Discussion Board (39%), Contact Tool (31%), and Mashups (25%).
  • The top tools that integrate with Bb selected by faculty included: Starfish, Content System, Camtasia Relay, NBC Learn, Blackboard IM, and Blackboard Mobile Learn.
  • 83% of faculty indicate that GRCC provides adequate support for faculty.
  • When asked for which emerging technologies would be most useful, 72% indicated eTextbooks, followed by 38% live online lectures (tools like Bb Collaborate) and guest speakers, and 24% mobile technologies.
  • 86% of faculty indicated that it would improve the student learning experience if more instructors would use Bb to deliver their course materials, grades, and announcements.
  • When asked what tools are most useful, the top responses were: grade, students, assignments, announcements, videos, grade book, discussion board.
  • 44 faculty indicated interest in participating in the pilot of the next service pack upgrade.

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