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December 19, 2012 / dlitgroup

Weekly Updates – December 19

DLIT Staff Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from DLIT staff.

  • Eric Kunnen
    • Held a conference call with Blue Ridge Community College on the topic of accessibility.  Sharing ideas and collaborating.
    • Conducted research on accessibility options for faculty around video and closed captioning with 3PlayMedia and AutomaticSync along with Docsoft.
    • Relayed Error Messages to IT regarding a database error causing downtime for Blackboard on December 12.
    • Participated in a Cisco Discussion about Collaborative Tools and classrooms at GRCC.
    • Researched and tested Blackboard SP10 on the pilot server.
    • Worked with Meegan W to promote the Bb Exemplary Course Program.
    • Worked with Yumi W and Meegan W on establishing a Respondus Monitor Pilot.  Mark N updated the Blackboard Buiding Block on production.
    • Worked to create closed captions for the DL Readiness Video using 3PlayMedia.  See:
    • Submitted list of recommended attendees for the A4L (Blackboard Analtyics for Learn) kickoff meeting.
    • Researched Mandatory DL Orientation from Ferris.  This is a one hour self-paced online tutorial.
    • Updated Bb Upgrade Page for SP10 –  Service Pack 10 has several accessibility improvements.
    • Researched ADA 504/508 FAQs, used Portland Community College’s resources as well as Grossmont and NC State to update the web page.
    • Attended the Annual ECAR Student and IT Study webinar.  Notes included the following:  This report provides the ability to monitor ongoing evolution of students relationship with technology.  Provides baseline, trending, and benchmarking.  Amplifies the student voice in shaping learning in higher ed.  Finally preferences for technology and their motivation to use technology. Blog here:
    • Gathering and synthesizing the Blackboard Survey results.
  • Meegan Willi
    • Participated in a conference call on accessibility with Eric and Greg Cook, an Instructional Technologist at Blue Ridge Community College.
    • Contacted all distance learning faculty to invite them to participate in a pilot of Respondus Monitor – a tool that able to proctors exams for online students through the use of the Respondus Lockdown Browser and a webcam that is monitored by an online proctor. Yumi is putting together a pilot for the Winter 2013 semester.
    • Working on presentation for Faculty Learning Day.
    • Created the First Friday email for January on how to switch quickly between courses.
    • Assisted Colleen C. and Barb B. from the Math Lab with questions regarding recording short videos and captioning them with Camtasia Studio.
    • Promoted the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program – GRCC Today, DLIT Blog
    • Reviewed CO 230 against the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program Rubric for Szymon M.
  • Jose Mora
    • Helped Marcia with cleaning up course content, arranging files in new folders. Overall cleaning up content system and other miscellaneous questions.
    • Keith St.Clair needed help creating grading schemas and creating a total column which displays the students final grade
    • Carol Jurgens needed help inputting grades into faculty center
    • Showed Dominic Mattone how to create test student account
    • Faculty asked about what grade to assign a “no show” student. In the past they would have given a NS but now they cannot and were unsure of what to do. The also were confused about WP anf WF.
    • Removed MCCVLC enrollment caps for general GRCC student population
    • Sent out Welcome Letter to online students
    • Enrolled student in course
    • Processed reimbursements
    • Gathered various data sets
    • Answered incoming phone calls
    • Answered DLIT email
      • I have a few questions about the online classes. I was wondering how long the online courses are and is there a way to learn how to take online courses for students who have never taken them before?
      • Assuming I do not qualify for any financial aid, what would be the average cost of obtaining an associates online in business marketing rather than on campus?
      • In the “courses” section of my blackboard page, it says “You are not currently enrolled in any courses in the blackboard system”. I have registered and paid for the online MCCVLC course MA 215 recently. So, I do not quite understand why the course is not showing in my Blackboard account yet.
      •  Is there an web link to purchase text books? I would also like to find out what text books are required for this course.
      • Is there not a survey that will be sent out regarding the professors and the online class experience?
      • I am interested in taking online courses and have been unable to find all online courses via the Online Center where you sign up for classes. Where would I find such classes?
      • I am searching for an online Intro to Sociology course in order to fulfill my requirements for my BSN degree. Do you offer this course online and, if so, is there any availability for the January semester?
      • I am writing to inquire for my son who is thinking about dual enrolling with you next year as a senior in high school. He is interested in your computer systems associates degree and taking a some courses to see if he likes it. His plan is to get that degree and go on to a four year music program eventually. What I am wondering is if the courses he is looking at are offered online next year? Is there a way to find that out?  The courses he is interested in are CO 110, CO 116, CO 132 and CO 142. Any information you could give us to help make these decisions would be awesome.
      • I was hoping to sign up for some winter classes for the online schooling option.
      • I went onto my student center and tried to sign up for classes but it kept saying ”not enrolled for current next available term.What do I need to do to enroll and sign up for classes as soon as possible.
      • Can I pay for classes online?
      • I applied to the school about a week ago, and my transcripts were sent over last Thursday. About how long would it take for me to find out if I was accepted to the college?

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from EOL faculty in the department.

  • Lisa Gloege
  • Gary Ebels
  • Mursalata Muhammad
  • Garret Brand

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