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December 19, 2012 / dlitgroup

2012 Campus Computing Project Survey Highlights

Each year, Kenneth C. Green from the Campus Computing Project surveys higher education institutions.

Here are a few highlights from the recent webinar entitled “Campus IT Priorities: A Conversation with Kenneth C. Green of The Campus Computing Project

Top CIO Priorities:

1) Assisting faculty with instructional integration of IT returns as a top CIO priority
2) Providing adequate user support
3) Hiring/retaining qualified staff
4) Providing online education
5) Implementing mobile

The Cloud

  • 24% of campuses indicate the importance of a cloud strategy with “high clouds” representing ERP/HPC systems, “middle clouds” for CRM/LMS systems, and “low clouds” for email and calendaring tools.
  • Little movement to the cloud for the “big” tasks.
  • Increases have been noticed in Calendar and LMS Services at almost 40% of survey respondents.


  • For community colleges ~78% use cloud email for students, compared with ~21% for faculty email, with ~15% for online office apps.


  • For LMS’s in the cloud, community colleges lead with 50% reporting to be hosting their system outside of the campus which is up 10% from 2011.


  • Campus social media use is very strong with Facebook (nearly 95% at community colleges) leading followed by Twitter (with about 78% at community colleges).


  • Lecture capture is an important part of strategic plan with public and private universities leading.
  • About 65% of community colleges indicate lecture capture is an important part of building instructional content.




  • Blackboard continues to be the prominent LMS provider across all sectors.


  • The importance of mobile apps continues to rise with over 70% of community colleges indicating mobility being part of the campus plan.




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