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December 12, 2012 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – Dec. 12

In attendance: Meegan Willi, Garry Brand, Mark Nordblom, Eric Kunnen

1. Respondus Monitor

  • An email was sent out to all Distance Learning Faculty looking for participants interested in testing Respondus Monitor – a test proctoring solution.
  • Students’ tests would be deployed using the Respondus Lockdown Broswer with a new component where a webcam which would record the student during the entire assessment.
  • This requires a building block, which is part of the Respondus Building Block we already have.
  • Yumi is currently communicating with Respondus with all details of the pilot.


  • Eric copied BB.ORIENT.F12 to BB.ORIENT.W13.
  • The automation needs to be updated to automatically populate the online and hybrid Winter 2013 students into this course. Mark will talk to Bill tomorrow.

3. Winter Semester Readiness

  • We need to delete old courses – Summer 11 and Fall 11. This will happen on January 28, 2013.
  • A communication needs to be sent out to faculty. Next year, when faculty start coming back.

4. Course Creation Schedule

  • At what time on the course creation day should courses be added?
  • Schedule the process to run at midnight on that morning, so that faculty will see the courses at the beginning of the day.
  • Do we want to move towards having courses created and instructors populated as soon as they are assigned in PeopleSoft?
  • We will table this discussion until next semester when Bill is available to attend meetings.
  • In addition, we need to discussed the combined sections and how they are named.

5. Relay

  • Garry has successfully submitted a recording with the Relay 4 recorder. It was published to YouTube, and we are still waiting on captioning.
  • We need to take a look at the email we send to faculty when a recording is submitted.
  • When will we go to Relay 4?
  • Mark just sent the relay recorder for version 4.2 and windows 8 to Paul.
  • August would be the earliest for when we can have all Relay items up to date – server and recorder because that is when classroom instructor stations will be reimaged.

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