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December 5, 2012 / dlitgroup

Bb Team Meeting – December 5

Attendees:  Eric Kunnen, Garry Brand, Meegan Willi, Jose Mora, Mark Nordblom


* LDAP Outage – December 4th there was an outage to the LDAP server on campus and this caused access to Blackboard to be unavailable from about 11 to 4.

* Discussion about Accessibility – Garry mentioned having trouble with getting a Relay file captioned because the built-in auto transcribe feature is not accurate. Plan to try out publication to YouTube via Relay and also 3PlayMedia or AutomaticSync.  Will work with GB for this to work through the entire workflow.

1) Server Clock Mismatch

Seems to be working now.  Mark researched.

2) Open Badges Building Block Install

Approved to go into production. Mark will place into production.

3) W13 Course Creation This Friday Dec 7

Bill will be sent a reminder.

4) W13 Checklist Reminder EMail for Faculty (Course Copy Results with New Menu)

Meegan sent checklist.  Course Copy does duplicate tool areas.

5) Update – Relay Index Page to Display Last Access

Mark prepared a index file to show disk usage by users and access.

6) Update – Potential to Publish to YouTube from Relay

Mark setup Relay 4 to publish to YouTube.  The team will test the integration and will need to prepare training.  Mark has figured out a way to test the latest version of the client which is 4.2.  Working on a VM to extract the recorders.

7) Discussion – Help Desk Issues or Trends


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