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November 28, 2012 / dlitgroup

Bb Team Meeting – November 28

PRESENT:  Eric Kunnen, Jose Mora, Garret Brand, Meegan Willi, Mark Norblom


  • Bb Collaborate Demo December 4 in IT Conference Room @ Sneden Hall 12-2

1. Relay – Updates on new policy language. Plans to notify faculty.  Ability to post last access date on index page on Raidercast?  Potential of YouTube publication?

  • Action Steps
    • Put policies on Web site. (Meegan)
    • Research last access date for display on index page (Mark)
    • Communication will hold until last access date is available (Eric)
    • YouTube publishing best practices – check on time limits and common vs private (Mark and Eric)

Draft – Camtasia Relay File Maintenance Policy:

“In order to maintain sufficient space for your most recent Camtasia Relay content, IT will remove files that have not been accessed for more than two (2) years.”

Frequently-Asked Questions:

Q. When will these files be deleted?
A. This will occur after the start of each Winter semester. For example, your folders ( and associated content for 2009 and 2010 will be removed after the start of the Winter 2013 semester.”

Q. What if I have content in old folders (2009 and 2010 in the example above) that have been accessed recently? I have some videos that are not lecture capture and don’t need to be updated that often!
A. If they have been accessed in the last two years, they will not be deleted. Additionally, you can contact if you want help maintaining a tutorial or other video that is not tied to a specific semester.

Q. What do I need to do?
A. Nothing! The files will be deleted as part of the policy.

Q. Will IT maintain a back-up of the deleted files?
A. No. You are responsible for maintaining a back-up of any of your files. Contact if you need some suggestions.

2. Pilot Server – Updates on archiving courses to production.  Discussion on future plans to evaluation SP10.

  • In process of archive (bb18 – dev) and restoring to production (Mark).

3. Server Performance – Updates as available for server response time for entering discussions.

  • Tier 2 escalation and Mark is working with Bb Support.

4. Help Desk and Support – Trends or common issues reported from the help desk?

  • No issues reported.

5. W13 – New menu and notification plans for faculty regarding change.  Readiness for December 7th?

  • Communication to Faculty about date and menu (Eric)
  • More research on using template for course creation – to pre-populate courses with student services and other important information.  Possible AGC topic.?

6. Course Menu Test Copy

  • Sample test courses will be created and course copies run.

7. Semester Checklist

  • Semester checklist will be sent next week. (Meegan)

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