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November 20, 2012 / dlitgroup

Bb Team Meeting – November 20

Present: Mark Nordblom, Garry Brand, Meegan Willi, Jose Mora, Eric Kunnen


  1. Relay Policy Draft – Garry presented a relay draft:  In order to maintain sufficient space for your most recent Camtasia Relay content, IT will remove files that have not been accessed for more than two (2) years. This will occur after the start of each Winter semester. For example, your folders ( for 2009 and 2010 will be removed after the start of the Winter 2013 semester. In this example, the 2009 and/or 2010 folders and associated content would NOT be removed if they have been accessed in the last two years.  Any file that hasn’t been accessed in the last 2 years  will be deleted.

    NEXT STEPS > Mark will check to see if we can display the last access date on the index page on Raidercast.  Faculty will be notified of new policy “Any file that hasn’t been accessed in the last 2 years  will be deleted.”

  2. Relay Upgrade and Publishing Planning – Discussion about potential of sending video to YouTube..

    NEXT STEPS > Investigate YouTube publishing destination.  Research manual and try Relay 4.  Mark will investigate and work through obtaining a client installer for v4.

  3. Respondus – What is the update on the status of Respondus in the App Explorer?  This is now available in the Application Explorer!  Equation editor included.
  4. Bb Surveys – Eric shared final survey drafts and any feedback received.  Plan to deploy on November 30.
  5. Pilot Server Cleanup – Mark will update on moving courses to production for the SP8 pilot server.  Archiving in process.
  6. Server Monitoring – Mark to provide updates on overall server health and maintenance. Mark indicates things are going well.
  7. Help Desk Issues Trends – Fred to provide any trends or common issues reported to the help desk for discussion. No issues reported!
  8. Server Performance – Mark to update on why the server response time seems slow.  Share Bb ticket responses, etc. if any.  Mark updated the team and is planning to replicate the issue with Bb support on Friday.
  9. Temp Space – Mark to research if clearing the temp space is a recommended practice and supported for system maintenance.  Ticket was submitted with Bb for processing.  Database IO being reviewed with Jess.
  10. Rumors about the Blackboard not being accessible.  There seems to be a communication problem here as Blackboard is compliant with ADA requirements and has VPAT documents along with receiving Gold Certification from the National Federation of the Blind.
  11. December 7 is the Winter 2013 course creation date.  W13 classes need to be set to be available on this date for faculty.

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