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November 7, 2012 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – Nov. 7th

In attendance: Meegan Willi, Mark Nordblom, Garry Brand, Jose Mora

  • iClicker
    • Feedback: Meegan will gather feedback from our i>clicker users on the integration.
  • Sessions
    • Are working!
    • Three hour time frame is working well.
    • There is a lag – Mark has Apache set up so that it restarts daily. The only app server that he doesn’t want to restart is 15. Mark will look into some of the other tables in the database to see if they need to be reindexed to help with the system response times.
  • Relay clean up
    • Progress has been made, we went from 93% down to 77% just by deleting the backup avis.
    • Discussion on next steps.How long should content be kept? 1 year, should it follow the same schedule as course clean-up? Mark will draft a communication for the faculty and run it by the Blackboard Team.
  • Pilot clean up
    • Mark needs a list from the faculty who were in the Summer 12 pilot of their course(s) which need to be moved.
    • Meegan will work to gather the faculty from the pilot and send out  communication to confirm the courses they taught in the pilot.
  • Twitter B2
    • The building block is in place.
    • Garry has added twitter feeds via the Mashup tool to his courses.
    • Garry will put together some promotion for this tool in the next DLIT newsletter.
    • It would be nice if the tool would allow you to pull up just a hashtag, but currently you have to input a twitter username and then a hashtag is optional. Garry will get in touch with Szymon and see if this is functionality we can add.
  • Temp space clean up
    • After installing the twitter building block, Mark had to go through all the servers and remove the temp space files in order to get the twitter images to post correctly.
    • Mark is not sure what is causing the temp space hold onto stale files.
    • Mark will submit a ticket to Blackboard on this issue.

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