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October 31, 2012 / dlitgroup

Bb Team Meeting

Present: Mark Nordblom, Garry Brand, Eric Kunnen, Jose Mora


1. Current Issues, Tracking, and Followup

  • Notifications and Messages – We have had a flurry of recent notifications from the Bb Connect and Bb Mobile systems.  This appears due to a backlog of notifications that were not sent due to large number of sessions.  Tomcat sessions are still high.  Mark N will inform the help desk of the situation.
  • Common Reports from Help Desk (Fred) What is the help desk seeing for trends, issues, etc.?
  • Students and faculty are complaining of slow response time. What can be done to address this?   Mark N will work to restart apache to see if that takes care of things.  There was discussion on what role does the Load Balancer have in this.
  • Session Timeout Not Working (Mark) – These have been cleared on the Oracle side.
  • Respondus Still Not in App Explorer (Mark, Meegan) – When can this be resolved so faculty can install Respondus?  Still need an update on the status.
  • Users Receiving Maintenance Page Causing Problems for Students and Faculty (Mark) Students and faculty are brought to a maintenance page so they assume Bb is down which communication.  What are the next steps to resolve?  Mark N will change the redirect to 5 seconds.

2. Project Updates

  • SignUp Building Block Install on Production (Mark) – Now is installed and working on production.

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