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October 24, 2012 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – October 24th

In attendance: Meegan Willi, Garry Brand, Mark Nordblom

1. Current Issues, Tracking, and Followup

  • Common Reports from Help Desk (Fred) – What is the help desk seeing for trends, issues, etc.?
    • Faculty are still having issues with student submissions from when Blackboard was down – the connection has not been made by all faculty between the down time and any new or modified content in their courses.
  • Session Timeout Not Working (Mark)
    • There is a potential security risk on public computers since the user stays logged in even if closing the tab. What is the plan to fix?
    • An oracle changed was added to kill sessions where users have been inactive for three hours.
    • It doesn’t appear that this has completely fixed the issue. Garry and Eric have experienced being logged in for extended periods.
    • Mark will check into this, and see if the new Oracle job is indeed taking care of having users not being timed out.
  • Respondus Still Not in App Explorer (Mark, Meegan)
    • When can this be resolved so faculty can install Respondus?
    • Last Mark knew from Paul, the latest version of Respondus is not responding right, so he has not been able to compile it and add to the Application Explorer.
    • Mark will check back with Paul to see if he is still working to get Respondus added to the App Explorer and what the current status is.
  • Users Receiving Maintenance Page Causing Problems for Students and Faculty (Mark)
    • Students and faculty are brought to a maintenance page so they assume Bb is down which communicate
    • Suggestions have been to update the refresh/redirect on the page to 5 seconds and include: <META HTTP-EQUIV=”CACHE-CONTROL” CONTENT=”NO-CACHE”> in the html of the page. What are the next steps to resolve?
    • There was never any refresh in place before, 30 seconds was added when the GRCC data center moved last November. If you do wait the full 30 seconds the error page does go away. Even if we change it from 30 seconds to 5 seconds, it will fix it from now on, but it will not help those that are currently having problems. Those users are working from a cached page on their computer.
    • What is the optimal thing to do? The page has to be up long enough for users to read, it you redirect to a page with no cache would it be a better situation. Would it be a good idea to have an animated icon, or a countdown on the page to let users know that the page will refresh?
    • Mark is trying to get them to turn of the cfm, and give users a new object which should clear out the cached page.
  • Reporting
    • The reports are now running and showing results, but there is concern that not all of the data is accurate.
    • The index of the accumulator table was taken care of, this took over 24 hours.
    • Mark also looked for locked tables, and found a routine to sync up the stats with the accumulator table. Mark has to manually run the refresh.
    • Mark is working to get the data to refresh automatically.
  • Analytics Building Block
    • Once Mark got reporting working, then the building block for analytics began working.

2. Project Updates

  • Relay Email and Disk Space Cleanup (Eric)
    • Eric sent out the email to faculty and CC’d the team on 10/18 9:14AM.
    • In this email faculty were notified that the avi files with the name backup will be deleted on Friday, November 2.
    • Mark is go to good with a script to search and find these files for deletion on November 2.
  • Bb Connect 2 Way (Eric, Mark)
      • Mark and I had a conference call about the new 2 way text messaging Building Block for Bb Connect. This should be available by Oct 31st. We’ll need to test and work to promote the tool. Which faculty would be good to include to help us test?
      • We need more information as to how this will work from the faculty perspective to help identify faculty for testing. In addition, we need information for the faculty who will be testing the tool on how it works, and what they can do with it.
      • Garry Brand is interested in testing the tool.
      • Meegan will see what is available on ConnecText from Blackboard which will give faculty more information.
  • SignUp Building Block Install on Production (Mark)
    • Mark had no luck getting the building block into production. He is still trying to figure out why it will not install. It is coming up and saying that the file is corrupt.
  • Twitter Building Block
    • The building block only works on some Blackboard servers but not all.
    • Mark is still looking in to this – the building block is not pulling in and displaying the tweets on Bb10.
  • Relay 4
    • Mark found a tool to open the msi to find the client.
    • The install creates a preferences file, and taking it out from the installer does not create that file.

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