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October 19, 2012 / dlitgroup

Distance Learning Updates – Fall 2012

1) Distance Learning Numbers

21% of all GRCC students are enrolled in at least one online course for this Fall semester.  Additionally, enrollment in online courses has reached 5,527 for this semester which is a 16% increase since Fall 2011.  Thank you to the faculty and administration for supporting this growth and for meeting the flexible learning needs of students!

2) New Online Course Request Process

As distance learning continues to grow at GRCC students are requesting additional courses to be offered online.  Here is the process and form to request a course (that is not currently offered as an online course) to be developed in the online format:

Before a new course can be offered online, the course goes through a review process.  Here are the upcoming deadline dates for submitting the course for review:
– February 1, 2013 if the course is planned to be offered to students in Summer 2013.
– March 1, 2013 if the course is planned to be offered to students in Fall 2013.
– October 1, 2013 if the course is planned to be offered to students in Winter 2014.

3) Online Online Course Review Committee

The Online Course Review Committee (Lisa Gloege, Gary Ebles, Mursalata Muhammad, and Meegan Willi) evaluates the course according to the online course readiness rubric ( See: ) and the group submits a recommendation that the course be placed into the schedule and opened for enrollment to the Associate Dean of Instructional Support and Interdisciplinary Studies.  Online course development is supported by the Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies (DLIT) department.  Please contact Meegan Willi (, Instructional Designer/Technologist, for online course development and design support.

4) Distance Learning Faculty Advisory Board

Distance Learning at GRCC is in an exciting period of growth and change, and the DLIT Department would like to be able to best meet the needs of our faculty. In order to more effectively represent the faculty voice, the Distance Learning Faculty Advisory Board (DL FAB) was formed.  This board is an official sub-committee of the Academic Governing Council (AGC).  More information is available on the board’s web site here:

5) GRCC Online Web Site for Students

Recently a new web site was created to better target resources for online students and for students considering taking an online course.  There is a readiness self-check along with orientation and tips for success.  The student website is located here:


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