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October 17, 2012 / dlitgroup

Weekly Updates – October 17

DLIT Staff Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from DLIT staff.

  • Eric Kunnen
    • Bb Team – Prepared agenda and sent out to team.
    • Reviewed list of Bb suggestions and startup comments from the Faculty Association and shared with IT.
    • AGC send review dates and include members.
    • Worked on BOT presentation and formal report work and gathering information from team members and delivered presentation to Cabinet.
    • ISIS Directors Meeting – Focusing on reports and moving forward with more consistency.  Updates on OCR for ADA compliance.
    • Registered for the “Offering Comprehensive Online Student Services at South Texas College” webinar for the HLC sub-team on student services and sent link to team.   This webinar covered a presentation about how South Texas College, the distance education department led a cross-functional team to create a comprehensive set of online student services that would serve both online and traditional students.
    • WE189 Healthy Choices was approved by the Deans Council Sub-Committee.
    • Investigating the options with Mark V on web cam options for the classroom for Relay instructor capture.
    • Classroom microphone and speakers.  Investigating the options of permanent installs for microphones uses for Relay and for speaker broadcasting.
    • Identified that Media Technologies has 2 sets of i>Clickers available for checkout.
    • Worked to schedule November Donuts with DLIT and the theme is creating exemplary courses in Blackboard using the Bb ECP rubric.
    • Attended SP10 Beta – This work provides advanced knowledge and awareness for continuous improvement for the Blackboard environment.  Focused on this session included: new visual text box editor and Mathematics editor using WIRIS, Rustici SCORM engine updates with plans for “Tin Can” standard, security updates that are critical to prevent cross-site scripting, standards and compliance on IMS and LIT interoperability, and common cartridge.
    • Open Blackboard Lab – Working with Penni to create open lab hours in 351M for faculty drop ins.
    • First Friday Tips – Working with EOL Faculty on building a series of First Friday tips which was a suggestion out of the Donuts with DLIT day by our own Lisa G.
    • Bb FAQs – Sent to help desk updated known issues and fixes.
    • CTE Director – Met with new director and provided an overview of Bb.  Discussed also overall FPD topics.
    • Worked with Meegan and the EOL Faculty on the Completion Agenda questions for the ISIS Meeting.
  • Meegan Willi
    • Worked with Susan M. on creating pools of test questions and then building an exam for offering online.
    • Met with Margaret S. to find a way for her to efficiently export lab grades and import them into lecture grade centers. We also tackled a few issues that are plaguing campus – upgraded her Firefox from 3.6 to 7, added a firefox add-in to allow the browser to access the clipboard and allow faculty to copy and paste from the menu and not just with shortcuts. Margaret was also having issues with the scroll bars not showing in her course, so we edited the scroll bar setting on her laptop.
    • Met with Judy B. to go through the comments from the review team at the first review of the CO 122. Judy will take these comments into consideration as she goes over the course to prepare it for resubmission and review. The CARP was recently revised and approved which initially held up the complete review of the course.
    • Attended ISIS Staff/Directors Meeting on 10/16.
    • Attended Blackboard Team Meeting on 10/16 – I updated the group on the current status of Respondus and StudyMate in the Application Explorer.
  • Jose Mora
    • Helped Carol Jurgens with gathering data from email and printing
    • Met with Karin Gallagher to facilitate Blackboard Basics in a one on one format
    • Helped faculty with raidercast recording issues
    • Helped Mindy Firlan with printing more pool questions
      • Also helped her with figuring out video playback issue
    • Helped faculty with leaqrning how to use their grade center
    • Created new online sections
    • Processed procard reports
    • Processed reimbursements
    • Answered incoming phone call
    • Worked with Amr to figure out discrepancies between our query and Bruce’s data
      •  There was an issue with the email data part of the table, which would omit anyone who did not have an email. Removin this table in a new query fixed the issue
    • Still gathering MCCVLC host data for Financial Aid office
    • Answered DLIT email
      • I would like to take some online classes towards my culinary management degree. Are there any class that your school offers.
      • Hi i was wondering how do your online classes work? could i get some more information like a list of classes available online and so on?
      • My Son is working on the Culinary Arts program. The classes identified in the first year first semester CA104, CA105 etc. all have pre-requisites that are either not on the list or scheduled for another semester. How can I get him enrolled like the list I was provided? I’ve also tried enrolling him in winter classes and it says I do not have a valid enrollment appointment at this time…. How do I get a valid appointment?

EOL Faculty Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from EOL faculty in the department.

Garry Brand – 8 Hours per Week

  • Providing technical assistance to DLIT as it pertains to the Online/Hybrid Certification Course. For example, make recommendations for changes in the OHCC, assist with faculty professional development, review and synthesize data.
  • Providing advice about the current state of OHCC and make recommendations for improvements or other changes.
  • Making recommendations for changes to distance-delivered education, especially as they pertain to recommendations made by the Higher Learning Commission; assisting with the implementation of those changes.
  • Co-facilitating the Online Hybrid Certification Course.

Gary Ebels, Lisa Gloege, and Mursalata Muhammad- 4 Hours Per Week

  • Providing faculty professional development with emphasis on instructional technologies to peers.
  • Reviewing and synthesizing data about the College’s distance-delivered education program.
  • Assisting with the implementation of changes based on those data as well as the recommendations made by the Higher Learning Commission.
  • Regularly representing DLIT in campus and community meetings.
  • Lisa Gloege
    • Reviewed Completion Agenda Responses for ISIS Meeting
    • Facilitated two sessions of intro to i>clickers at the Adjunct Training Day
      Testing Firefox 15
  • Gary Ebels
    • Reviewed Completion Agenda Responses for ISIS Meeting
    • Attended TRENDS in Occupational Education Conference
    • Assisted 3 faculty one-one-one
    • Volunteered for the GroupWise > GMail Migration Team
    • Enrolled one adjunct faculty in Blackboard Grade Center Online
  • Mursalata Muhammad
    • Wednesday 10.10.12 Helped Eric Williams/Andre Fields revise and set up Blackboard survey
      Tuesday 10.16.12 Made screen shots with directions for how to send students emails using “Course Tools” – for Walter Lockwood
      Reviewed Completion Agenda Responses for ISIS Meeting
  • Garret Brand
    • Reviewed Completion Agenda Responses for ISIS Meeting
    • Deans Council Prep and Presentation
    • Trends Conference
    • DLIT Drop-ins
    • Assist faculty with online course development
    • Revise OHCC based on Deans Council feedback
    • Blackboard Troubleshooting
    • Details on hours at

DLIT Tracking Table


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