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October 17, 2012 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – October 17th

In attendance: Eric Kunnen, Jose Mora, Mark Nordblom, Meegan Willi, and Garret Brand

1. Current Issues, Tracking, and Followup

  • Followup of Weekend Outage (Mark)
    • Bb10 ran out of diskspace. Cron job will be used to keep system clean and alerts will be changed to alert earlier say at 80%.
    • Faculty communication on this issue may need to be resent.  The plan is to relay faculty to the help desk for resolution.
  • Session Timeout – Mark is working to address this issue.  A ticket hasn’t been submitted to Bb Support as of yet.
  • Bb Concerns from Faculty Association (Eric)
    • There are still old browsers out on the pc’s at the college which create problems.  Can we target these old browsers.
    • Automation concerns with matching rosters.  Bill F is aware of the problem experienced this morning with plans for fixing in W13.
    • Start up reliability.  Steps are needed to ensure uptime and reliability.
    • Photos being updated on a timely basis.  Bill F and Mark N will be working to automate this for Winter 2013.
    • One known issues was reported that is expected to be resolved in SP10.
    • Load balancer seems to display maintenance.  Help Desk relays that the user needs to clear their browser cache.  Mark N is suggesting onload refresh so that user will get the correct page displayed.  We receive a large number of calls from students on this issue too.
  • Fixing Report System (Mark)
    • Now working!
    • Bb Stats – how long should this be stored.  Looking for good practice examples.
  • Common Reports from Help Desk (Fred)
  • Respondus Not in App Explorer (Mark, Meegan)
    • Paul has been contacted.
  • Bb11 Back in App Server Pool? (Mark)
    • Yes.

2. Project Updates

  • Relay Email and Disk Space Cleanup (Eric)
    • Eric will send out the email.
    • 4.1.2 is also being worked on as well.

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