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October 10, 2012 / dlitgroup

Bb Team Meeting – Oct 10

Attendees:  Meegan W, Eric K, Mark N, Jose M


1. Current Issues & Help Desk

  • Time Delay on Uploading Documents – There have been a few reports of a lag during uploading files. Bb11 is ready to go into production and this may help improve response time.  Mark will double check with David to get approval for production.
  • Blackboard Course and Item Reports Not Working – Update and Tracking Resolution (Mark N) – Mark is working with Szymon on indexing to help improve response time and to get reporting working again.  This was mentioned as a concern by faculty at this mornings donuts with DLIT event.  Mark will check with David to arrange for production.  We have the opportunity to use the Goals and Outcomes features in reporting.
  • Trends or Highlights in Issues Reported to Help Desk (Fred B) – No updates provided.
  • App Explorer Respondus Installation Issue – Update (Meegan W) – IT was going to install the new version in the lab in 351M.

2. Project Updates

  • iClicker Integration with Blackboard Update (Mark N and Meegan W) – New files were generated and a new Building Block.  Meegan is going to test it to be sure it’s working.  Lisa and Meegan scheduled a drop-in session in 347M.
  • Relay 4 Upgrade Planning (Mark N & Team) – A meeting with Paul, Mark, and team needs to plan out the process and logistics.  A focus needs to be on the classroom stations on getting them updated.  First step is Mark apply maintenance release 4.1.2 to relay4.grcc and the team will test.  Second is to work with Paul to deploy new client.  Eric will work with Mark V to investigate webcam classroom option.  Third, research options for YouTube deployment.
  • Relay Content Cleanup Planning and Faculty Communication (Mark N & Team) – Eric K will craft an email and send it to the group for review.  Stage 1 is to remove backup AVIs.  Stage 2 will be to remove old directories 2009/2010 and not accessed in a year.  The team needs to develop a policy for the longevity of recordings with the expiration within a certain time frame, such as 2 years and beyond that move to a personal directory.
  • Sign Up Building Block Installation on Production & Promotion (Team) – Mark N will work to deploy to production.
  • SP10 Upgrade Planning (Team) – The team is planning to install on dev.  Before that collect data from pilot.

3. Infrastructure and Automation

  • How are the servers running, database, disk space monitoring, CPU, memory, etc. (Mark N)
  • Monitoring and System Health (Mark N)
  • Automation Improvements for Music Department (Team)

4. Discussion and New Business

  • Known Issues RSS – Create a known issues rss feed for deploying to faculty.

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