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October 9, 2012 / dlitgroup

Weekly Updates – October 10th

DLIT Staff Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from DLIT staff.

  • Eric Kunnen
    • ADA CAP –  Attended the first college action project for accessibility.  The CAP was formed out of a need of greater compliance.  The resolution agreement is to be used in the work as well.  Shared resources with the team such as UDL: and Bb Accessibility resources for faculty: and the VPAT document provided by Blackboard for compliance of ada requirements.
    • Resolution Agreement – Spent time evaluating the Resolution Agreement from the OCR presented at the ADA CAP.
    • U of Miami – Held a conference call with Miami about Blackboard and comparing notes on advancing the system.  Online learning plans for growth.
    • Provided Student Services Resources for the HLC Six sub-team from WCET.  Administrative Core includes: Course Program Catalog, Schedule of Classes, Financial Aid, Admissions, Registration, Student Accounts and Student Records
    • CLS111 – Reviewed the course and sent feedback to Ric U.
    • ACTL Meeting – Met with the EDUCAUSE committee in an online meeting working on refining survey questions for presenter coaching sessions for virtual presenters.
    • EOL Faculty Alignment – Worked to setup some Open Blackboard Lab Hours and additional training sessions to be offered through the CTE.
    • Sign Up Tool – Tested the new signup tool in Bb.
    • Bb Exemplary Course MOOC – Participated in the Blackboard MOOC on building exemplary courses.  Topics discussed where interaction (very important and more than just discussions it’s readings, web, multimedia, chats, groups, activities, assignments and more), communication strategies, and collaboration techniques, and highlights from 2 of the ECP award winners from last year.  (Nova Southeaster University, Jacksonville State University, University of New Mexico)
    • DL FAB – Worked with the FAB team to draft Powerpoint and prepare for AGC.
    • DL Strategy Working and Final Draft Completed – Spent time finalizing the DL CAP Distance Learning Strategic Plan 2012-2014.  Sent to team for review.
    • DL SLT Feedback – Spent time reviewing the feedback from SLT on the Student Success report for the DL CAP. Included feedback into revisions of the DL Strategic Plan.
    • Bb Implementation Team – Created and sent agenda for the weeks meeting.  Facilitated also – here are the notes:
    • AQIP Feedback – Provided feedback to Donna on the AQIP Assurance document.
    • BOT Enrollment Report – Provided feedback to Bruce on the enrollment report.
    • BOT Access Report – Preparation of final report and meeting with the team to discuss what is needed.
    • Noel Levitz – Sent an email to Donna K to inquire budget or funds or interest and their support in deploying and using Noel Levitz for Online Program Assessment.
    • Syllabus Template – Sent recommendation to include a statement for the use of Bb SafeAssign in instructor’s syllabi to help protect against copyright claims of students to Bill F.
    • ETOM Board Meeting – Facilitated the Educational Technology Organization of Michigan Board meeting.
    • Donuts with DLIT – Organized and promoted the donuts event and this month’s theme is: “Distance Learning & Blackboard Listening and Suggestion Session” – More information: On Wednesday, October 10th from 8:30 to 10 AM, DLIT hosted a “Donuts and Distance Learning & Bagels and Blackboard” event on the Snedan Campus.  This informal gathering of faculty and staff has become a popular time to discuss and share best practices as well as to network with peers from across the campus!
      • Each month this event is held with a unique theme.  This month’s theme was a Listening Session where faculty can discuss what is working well and what can be improved with Blackboard and Online Learning.  Full time, adjunct faculty, and staff attended this event from departments that included Mathematics, Economics, Criminal Justice, and Language Arts as well as attendees from the DLIT and IT departments.
      • Topics discussed at this event centered around:
        • Ideas for improving faculty support and communication around new features and “how to” information for faculty.  Suggestions included a friday tips email, and organization of current tip sheets available.
        • Areas of improvement includes problems with classroom computers displaying missing plugin information in Firefox, Browser updates, and problems in displaying item tracking reports in Blackboard.
        • Suggestions for improving the communication around hybrid courses so students are better aware of how these courses work.
        • New features in Blackboard that faculty are enjoying include the course themes, new look and feel, and upcoming signup tool that will be available soon.
        • Interest in expanding awareness around open education resources, YouTube EDU, Kahn Academy, and Camtasia Relay.
        • Strategies for working with Blackboard assessments were also shared during this event such as using a password on quizzes to allow for students that need extra time or an extra day to complete the assessment after the deadline.
  • Meegan Willi
    • Online Course Developments
      • The Online Course Review Team met on October 3rd to review CO 122. Our comments were finalized and emailed out to the developing faculty member, Judy Bezile on October 8th. At this point, the course cannot be reviewed and recommended for online offering until it matches the CARP. General suggestions on the rest of the course development were made as well, and provided to Judy.
      • The Online Course Review Team set the remainder of their Fall 2012 meetings, they will be held on the second Thursday of the month from 3:45-4:45 pm with courses due at 5 pm on the Thursday one week prior to the scheduled meeting. The exact dates are November 8 and December 13.
      • I met with Mary Godfrey regarding GH 110 on October 5th. Mary and Deb N. worked on a revised CARP and it has been approved. I will be giving the course a solid look and then I will more forward to get the review of this course complete. We first reviewed it on September 17, but there was too much discrepancy between the course and the CARP.
    • Met with Dawn Z. to begin readying GH 107 for the Winter 2013 semester. This course has been approved for online offering and will be in the schedule for students to register for this Winter. It will be the first time the course is run online at GRCC.
    • Attended the first meeting for the new Accessibility College Action Project on October 8th. There are four large areas of focus, I will be on the capacity subgroup which Ric Underhile is leading.
    • Attended AGC on October 9th to participate in the table discussions on the two priorities identified by the DL FAB. I took notes at my table and sent them in to Mike & Garry.
    • Continued to participate in the Blackboard Exemplary Course MOOC – watched the recorded session from October 3rd on interaction in courses. My biggest take away was from one of the group discussion boards I’m participating in, In response to a post I put up regarding web 2.0 tools, one person posted an example of a TED-Ed lesson, For more information on how to create one, take the TED-Ed tour here,
    • Helped host Donuts and Distance Learning & Blackboard and Bagels on October 10th in the White Hall Reading Room. We had eight faculty and staff stop by during the hour and a half session. We are working on scheduling one for November on a Tuesday or Thursday from 10:30-noon.
    • i>clicker work –
      • Met with an i>clicker user on October 9th to attempt to install the integration files and get them working. The files would not allow us to access Blackboard. I worked with our i>clicker rep who called in one of their technical staff to work with Mark N. to get us an updated building block and integration files. I will try to meet with another faculty member on Thursday to get the integration files installed and functioning properly.
      • Lisa G. and I scheduled a time for i>clicker users to stop by, discuss what is working for them and what they have questions about and to build community. The “drop in” will be on Thursday, October 18th from 2:30-4:30 pm in 347 Main.
    •  Attended the Blackboard Team Meeting on October 10th.
  • Jose Mora
    • Capped off seats in peoplesoft for MCCVLC courses
    • Created seats in MCCVLC site so that students can register for Winter 2013 courses
    • Helped Mindy Firlan with printing multiple pool questions which are difficult to print due to the way the printing frame is setup in BB
    • Colette Smiley had issues with inputting raider-cast video from the mashup tool. It would not give her the option to add the video. I looked at the files at the raidercast and it appeared that the files uploaded successfully. Confirmed with Eric and directed her to IT where they could create a ticket.
    • Helped faculty with setting up their grade center
    • Helped faculty member with weighted columns in BB
    • Attended Donuts & Bagels
    • Answered incoming phone calls
    • Processed vendor invoice
    • Gathering MCCVLC host data for Financial Aid office
    • Working with Amr to look at issues with current query
    • Processed reimbursements
    • Attended Fall honors open house
    • Answered DLIT email
      • I am wondering if your associates in accounting degree is offered online. If not the whole degree, can you tell me which classes would be available online?
      •  I am wondering if I take the online courses you offer first and then transfer to Davenport to complete my degree if all of those classes will transfer? Or do I need to complete the associates degree in order for it to transfer to them?

EOL Faculty Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from EOL faculty in the department.

Garry Brand – 8 Hours per Week

  • Providing technical assistance to DLIT as it pertains to the Online/Hybrid Certification Course. For example, make recommendations for changes in the OHCC, assist with faculty professional development, review and synthesize data.
  • Providing advice about the current state of OHCC and make recommendations for improvements or other changes.
  • Making recommendations for changes to distance-delivered education, especially as they pertain to recommendations made by the Higher Learning Commission; assisting with the implementation of those changes.
  • Co-facilitating the Online Hybrid Certification Course.

Gary Ebels, Lisa Gloege, and Mursalata Muhammad- 4 Hours Per Week

  • Providing faculty professional development with emphasis on instructional technologies to peers.
  • Reviewing and synthesizing data about the College’s distance-delivered education program.
  • Assisting with the implementation of changes based on those data as well as the recommendations made by the Higher Learning Commission.
  • Regularly representing DLIT in campus and community meetings.
  • Lisa Gloege
    • Taught an i>clicker session through the CTE
      Attended DLIT’s donuts & bagels event
      Follow-up to course review of CO 122
      Consulted with a current clicker user about pedagogical issues
  • Gary Ebels
    • Facilitated Blackboard Grade Center class.
      Worked one-on-one with 2 adjunct faculty on Blackboard and classroom questions.
      Attended Donuts and Distance Learning session.
      Continued facilitating Blackboard Basics and Grade Center – ONLINE. No new learners – one completion.
  • Mursalata Muhammad
    • Investigating options for faculty liaison support
      Reviewing faculty survey results from Bb for support ideas
      Supported faculty on Bb questions along with meeting with a faculty member taking over for another instructor and supporting Bb.
  • Garret Brand
    • DLIT Drop-ins
    • OHCC Report Prep and Revisions
    • Meeting on HLC Standards
    • Meeting on DL initiatives, DLFAB and AGC
    • Prepare slides for Deans Council
    • Blackboard Team Meetings
    • Present to AGC
    • Blackboard SP10 Beta
    • Hours detailed at

DLIT Tracking Table


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