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October 3, 2012 / dlitgroup

Bb Team Meeting – Oct 3

Attendees: Meegan W, Garret B, Mark N, Eric K


1. Current Issues & Help Desk

  • Communication Challenges – Seem to have continued SLA communication issues with notifying faculty of downtime or other issues.  Issues occurred on Tuesday evening and the gradebook was causing an issue on the Bb7 app server.  Faculty were not notified.   The team discussed that when messages go out as to downtime, it’s important to give a reason.   The team would like to know if the SLA is being used and what the notification thresholds are – that is, when is the problem serious enough to warrant an email notification to faculty.
  • Blackboard Course and Item Reports Not Working – Update and Tracking Resolution (Mark N) – Bb Support is working with Mark N on queries with the activity accumulator problems.  Some reports are starting to work on test but there are still problems on the test system.  Next step includes creating a copy of production to test to ensure that fixes provided by Bb support are working.  Faculty are still waiting for these reports to track students with completion agenda.
  • VTBE Issues – Update and Tracking Resolution (Mark N) – Tickets were escalated and fixes are projected for SP10.
  • The Faculty Association issues reported include: lag time, error messages when uploading content, reliability during the first two weeks of the semester, administrative rights to computers and copy and pasting from Blackboard.  (Eric K) – The team is committed to providing high quality service and up time for the Bb system and will track any specific issues reported through to full resolution.
  • Trends or Highlights in Issues Reported to Help Desk (Fred B) – No updates provided.
  • App Explorer Respondus and Bb IM Issues (Meegan W) – There are problems with Respondus installer as the preview doesn’t work and this has been reported to ITHELP.   Meegan W will contact David A for resolution.
  • Language Pack Edit Request (Eric K) – Copyright and accessibility statements are needed to be added along with a request to customize the Force Completion message.  This needs to be tested on the test server and then scheduled for production another option is the use force completion when timed assessments are used to help reduce student confusion.

2. Project Updates

  • Report for Deans on Syllabi (Mark N) – This report was provided to Bill F.  This report is for AGC minimum use standards.
  • iClicker Integration (Mark N and Meegan W) – Files have been requested from Paul.  An email has been sent to request files.  We have several faculty waiting for this integration.
  • Respondus Lockdown Building Block Update (Mark N) – Downloaded Building Block and will be applied to test.
  • Relay 4 (Mark N & Team) – Garry B watched the webinar and found many enhancements to version 4.1.2.  The plan is to upgrade for Winter.  The Relay clients need to be deployed to the labs and desktops and the timing needs to be coordinated with the IT team for software distribution.
  • Relay Content Cleanup (Mark N & Team) – 2 spreadsheets with AVI’s and content not accessed have been created.  We need a faculty communication strategy around this.  Removing the backup AVI’s is a good start to clean up nearly 200GB.
  • Sign Up Building Block (Team) – Eric K will send Mark N the block for test and will schedule for production.
  • Project xpLor Beta and SP10 Beta (Team) – These meetings have been attended by Meegan W and Garry B.  xpLor seems to have different discussion board and a different VTBE and the product is being actively worked on.  SP10 has very powerful assessment additions.   The team plans to place SP10 on a test server for evaluation.
  • Blackboard Analytics for Learn Update (Mark N & Eric K) – No updates as of lately and there are still problems with the Building Block.  There hasn’t yet been a kickoff meeting for A4L.

3. Infrastructure and Automation

  • How are the servers running, database, disk space monitoring, CPU, memory, etc. (Mark N) – Disk space is now being monitored correctly.
  • Monitoring and System Health (Mark N) – Meeting ended without time for updates for this item.
  • Automation Improvements for Music Department (Team) – Eric K sent followup to the PMO office to check on the status of this work.  The priority of this project seems to be increasing as it’s connected to faculty requests from the Music department to clean up their my courses list as well as the Early Alert CAP and AGC Minimum Use Standard Reports.

4. Discussion and New Business

  • Open (Team) – No new business mentioned.

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