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October 2, 2012 / dlitgroup

Weekly Updates – October 3rd

DLIT Staff Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from DLIT staff.

  • Eric Kunnen
    • Deans Council OHCC Presentation – Attended a meeting meeting with Garry B, and Ric U on OHCC Revisions and the presentation to Deans Council.
    • Starfish CAP Meeting – Participated in the Starfish College Action Project meeting.  Discussion on what is working and what can be improved with Early Alert.
    • Early Alert Tab – Customized the Early Alert tab to improve readability of flag data.
    • Inquire about Bb Automation Project – Sent an email to check in on the automation project in the PMO Office.  There seems to be some connections recently with this project and the Early Alert CAP, the AGC Minimum Bb Use Standard for Faculty report for Deans Council, and in general some requests from faculty members to improve this part of Blackboard (course lists for Music faculty eg. Kenneth Bos has 56 classes in his F12 My Courses module in Bb, removing instructors no longer assigned to courses, and some other enhancements).
    • Building a Good Practice List – Met with Meegan W on brainstorming a list of needs for good practices.  This work connects to OHCC and overall faculty professional development needs.
    • Faculty Communication – Researched open rate on 6 recent email newsletters sent via Mailchimp.  On average only 16% of faculty are reading it with the largest open rate being 23%.  The email sent contains information about the Blackboard upgrade, enhancements, new tools such as iClicker that are available, how to apply to the Bb Exemplary Course Award Program, the upcoming ETOM conference and more.  Over the summer we did sent a postcard mailing home as well to better communicate changes to the Bb system.
    • Language Pack Research – Investigated language pack editing to customize on screen text for copyright, accessibility, and test instruction display.
    • Bb Grade by Question Issue – Researched and submitted a ticket for an issue discovered by Garry B.  There is a workaround.
    • Bb VTBE Issues – Submitted tickets for VTBE spacing that faculty have reported.  All are minor.
    • Notification and On Screen Text Change – Fixed Notice on Bb’s Page for Notifications of Text and Rave Wireless.
    • Met with Garry and Meegan on OHCC changes and prep for Deans Council.
    • BOT preparation work for Access End.  Aleta and I are charged with presenting to the BOT.
    • Reviewed SLT feedback on DL CAP and working to include in the DL Strategy Plan.
    • Student Identity Verification – Researched Biometric Signature ID for the HLC Recommendations with Yumi W.
    • DL CAP Closing – Worked on completing the required AQIP closing template and documentation for the DL CAP.
    • Updated FAQ and Known Issues for Bb on the /bbfaqs page.
    • WAVE Toolbar Investigation – Researched the WAVE Toolbar plugin for Firefox for Accessibility strategies for faculty.
    • AGC No Syllabus Report – David A and Mark N provided Bill F a list of course and faculty in which no syllabus was detected in the course.  This is for AGC Minimum Bb Use Standards.
    • Bb Exemplary Course MOOC – More than 2100 (17 faculty from GRCC) are enrolled in the “Designing an Exemplary Course” MOOC in Blackboard at  The following faculty that are enrolled include: Daniel Anderson; David Knoll; David Lange; Eric J. Kunnen; Garret Brand; Gary Ebels; Hope Hagan; Jennifer Sobie; John Doneth; Kate Byerwalter; Lisa Gloege; Meegan Willi; Mike Light; Paula Sullivan; Robert Sawall; Sophie Rubin; Szymon Machajewski
    • MCCVLC Administrators Meeting – Statewide meeting for the VLC.  Items discussed included quality and centered around student experience, market share, collaboration of resources.   VLC demand has gone down but marketing is one reason and personnel changes at local colleges.  The demand still exceeds actual enrollment because of limited course and spaces.  31% of all higher ed students are taking at least 1 course online. Overall enrollments have been down in higher ed by -1% whereas online enrollment grew 10% in 2011.  The Michigan Colleges Online will be the new name, after approval.  Collaborate resources could include the goal to eliminate duplicate efforts for: ore, orientations, shared development, statewide help desk, online student satisfaction survey, DL administrators survey, state authorization facilitation on behalf of the member colleges, Project Goals (St. Clair, GRCC, Glen Oaks), , etc.
    • Phone Call with Ed Tech Magazine – Szymon M, Marie B, Meegan W, Eric K, the magazine is sponsored by CDW.  Implementing the flipped classroom and what technology is being used at GRCC was described.  (Blackboard, Campus Building Block Mashup, Camtasia Relay, and classroom technologies.)  Students can access recordings on campus or on their own devices.  We provide support to faculty and access to technology.  Nursing uses it for theory and classroom time for practicing skills.  Computer programming provides access to the resources in class and reduces the frustration when stuck since the instructor is right there.  Students could stop the recording and refer to resources during study time.
    • Deans Council Meeting – Update submitted for Teaching Quality Guidelines for DL.  OHCC revisions will be presented at the Oct 8th meeting.
  • AX Partnership Program meeting which is focused on accessibility and Blackboard.  The meeting focused on project updates for the sub-teams working on evaluating new tools planned for upcoming releases, open questions, the new WIRUS Math Editor, and new projects in design such as the new discussion board.
  • Meegan Willi
    • Online Course Developments
      • Met with Lisa G. and Patrick regarding CLS 111
    • Blackboard Instant Messenger (Bb IM)
      • Began working on updating our BbIM resources – currently located here,
      • I tried to search for resources, including videos from Blackboard on using Bb IM, and they are very difficult to locate as they are part of a much larger knowledge base which covers multiple communication tools in the Blackboard Collaborate suite. Thus, I think it will be easier and more effective to create some short videos and FAQs.
      • Found a few issues in the 351 Main lab. I wanted to show faculty how to install Blackboard IM on their computer, but not every PC I tried on campus had the same applications available in the Application Explorer. I filed a ticket with ITHelp.
      • In the interim, I would suggest anyone who needs Bb IM contact ITHelp and request to have it installed, unless they are working on a non-locked down machine – in that case, this video is still relevant:
      • I did record some screen shots from a PC in 351 Main to create some new, shorter tutorial videos on the basics of Bb IM.
    • Attended the ISIS Directors/Staff Meeting on Monday, 10/1. Updates from DLIT included participation Blackboard’s Designing an Exemplary Course MOOC – we currently have 17 faculty and staff members from GRCC participating in the MOOC. We are looking for ways to highlight the MOOC on the DLIT Group Blog and in the November Donuts & Bagels which is not yet scheduled.
    • Designing an Exemplary Course MOOC Updates: This is the second week of the MOOC, and the topic is Interaction. My biggest takeaway so far this week is this resource from Penn State on Crafting Questions for online Discussions,
    • Attended the xpLor Beta webinar on 10/2. This was the fourth meeting of the beta which involves a very large group. We dived deeper into answering questions that have come up, addressing some issues, and creating new items in the content repository.
    • Attended the Blackboard Team Meeting on 10/3 – reported on the tickets I’ve submitted regarding Blackboard IM and Respondus to IT Help. I sent David A. an email to follow-up on the open Respondus tickets. I’m also anxiously awaiting the files for the i>clicker integration. There are also at least three faculty waiting on these as well. Mark is  going to follow up again with Paul in IT to get these.
    • Attended the Blackboard SP10 Beta webinar on 10/3 – we are looking to install Blackboard SP10 on a test server to begin looking this service pack which will be releasing this month. There are some new features coming with this service pack that we should become familiar with – particularly the assessment and new item analysis.
  • Jose Mora
    • Helped faculty who dropped in with Blackboard questions
    • Eric Williams Needed help with creating an assignment in BB.
    • Pat Empie Walked her through how to setup an assignment so that student can submit paper and she can go back and grade it.
    • Nancy Grossman create bookmarks for her video so that she can skip ahead through the videos while she is playing it in class.
    • Billie Sue Berrends uploaded videos to youtube and created and external link to them in BB
    • Audrey Heckwolf walked her through the content system and how to link documents in BB
    • Attended weekly meeting with Ric and Penni
    • Answered incoming phone calls
    • Processed membership invoice
    • Took it upon myself to look for existing online orientation sites to figure out options for this work
    • Celebrated Garry’s Birthday
    • Answered DLIT email
      • I am interesting in your Nursing Associate Degree program. I am currently living abroad and need information about online classes available for this degree. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree from DePaul University. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
      • My student was dropped from my course and was re-enrolled. How do I get them on BB agian?

EOL Faculty Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from EOL faculty in the department.

Garry Brand – 8 Hours per Week

  • Providing technical assistance to DLIT as it pertains to the Online/Hybrid Certification Course. For example, make recommendations for changes in the OHCC, assist with faculty professional development, review and synthesize data.
  • Providing advice about the current state of OHCC and make recommendations for improvements or other changes.
  • Making recommendations for changes to distance-delivered education, especially as they pertain to recommendations made by the Higher Learning Commission; assisting with the implementation of those changes. 
  • Co-facilitating the Online Hybrid Certification Course.

Gary Ebels, Lisa Gloege, and Mursalata Muhammad- 4 Hours Per Week

  • Providing faculty professional development with emphasis on instructional technologies to peers.
  • Reviewing and synthesizing data about the College’s distance-delivered education program.
  • Assisting with the implementation of changes based on those data as well as the recommendations made by the Higher Learning Commission. 
  • Regularly representing DLIT in campus and community meetings.
  • Lisa Gloege
    • Met with P. Kamau regarding CLS 111 course; working on follow-up communications
      New online course review and committee meeting
      Work on scheduling a gathering (or CTE session?) for current clicker users
      Prep and recruiting for clicker session on 10/8
      Participating in BB Exemplary Course MOOC
  • Gary Ebels
    • Celebrated my birthday, my youngest son’s birthday and my first grandchild’s birthday (all born on the same date) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    • Enrolled and attended the first Designing Blackboard Exemplary course webinar
    • Attended – Advancing Pedagogy with Clickers in Higher Education webinar
    • Reviewing new course for approval – Online Course Review Committee member
    • Learned about tracking form – completed 3 entries for one-on-one help this week
    • Continued facilitation of Blackboard Basics and Gradebook – Online course – no new members this week
  • Mursalata Muhammad
    • Provided faculty professional development with emphasis on Bb to Walter Lockwood and made an appoint to meet with him again at 8am Monday 10.8.12
      Represented DLIT at Online Course Review committee. Reviewed four course on 9.17.12
      Just found out about EOL faculty tracking form  and made one entry about helping Walter Lockwood
  • Garret Brand
    • Proposed Revisions to OHCC
    • Review of HLC Guidelines
    • Meeting for Deans Council Presentation
    • DL FAB work (e.g. invites and website)
    • Blackboard Team
    • Detail on hours at

DLIT Tracking Table


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