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September 25, 2012 / dlitgroup

Weekly Updates – September 26

DLIT Staff Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from DLIT staff.

  • Eric Kunnen
    • xpLor Webinar – 155 clients participating in the new learning object repository.  The goal is to solve problems around: creating, discovery, sharing, integrating, analyzing, and distributing learning content in the course management system.  xpLor will support DRM and Creative Commons for open education resources.  This system will be useful in the building of Master Course Content for the Online Templates that GRCC is building.
    • Respondus Monitor – Conference call about the potential of a pilot during the beta.  A new Building Block may be required.  The new version of the client may also be required in the Testing Center.  This tool has good potential to address HLC recommendation around online proctoring.  NDA document will be required.  Terms of use agreement.  Ian Riley will be contacted and Mark Nordblom as well.
    • HLC Six – Worked on recommendations for online proctoring and coordinating some materials and layout for the Bb org site for the HLC recommendations.
    • Bb SP10 Beta – 75 clients involved in the program.  This provides a jump on preparing for the upgrade, sharing new feature information and to prepare the campus, connect with peers around the nation, build direct connection with Bb product management, test the installer and upgrade process.  Continuous improvement of the Blackboard system to provide a high quality set of tools for faculty and students is the focus.
    • Deans Council AGC Bb Reporting Details – Sent Bill F a last login report, and highlighted need for “syllabus” report from IT, Mark N, and David A.
    • DL Faculty Advisory Board (FAB) – Meegan W was out so I attended.  Discussions around next steps for the AGC sub-committee work.  The Strategic Plan will be shared with the DL FAB and the DL CAP College Success document too.
    • Bb TEAM – Spent time regrouping and I will plan a more active role in facilitating this team since it hasn’t been meeting regularly.
    • BIE LIVE Webinar – The Blackboard Idea Exchange Live webinar series with Jessica Finnefrock (SVP of Learn Product Development) and Brad Koch (VP of Product Management) updating the BIE on enhancement requests, specifically; top enhancements, new trends and an update on the product roadmap.
    • Prep for SLT – Reviewed Student Success Document and team work for SLT with Meegan W.
    • Exemplary Course Award Program – Interested faculty Robin C (learn to teach online), Kate B, Hillery H, and Paula S.  There is a free online MOOC available starting Sept 26 to prepare faculty to submit their courses.
    • ETOM Fall Conference – Bill Faber, Brent Spitler, Eric Kunnen, Garry Brand, and Szymon Machajewski are planning to attend.
    • HLC Online Equity – Met with Deb V, Amy K on  benchmarking with Frank’s report. Discussed the research and provided some brainstorming on some strategies of how to address.  Full notes are in the HLC Recommendations Bb Organization Site.
    • HLC Online Identity – Sent Ian R a couple of documents related to licensing agreements for potentially evaluating Respondus Monitor to address the HLC recommendation for identity and online proctoring.
    • Setup Donut Event for Listen Session on Improving DL and Bb – Invited IT and all faculty. Oct 10, 8:30 to 10.
    • Updated Flipped Classroom Page with resource shared from Lisa Gloege.
    • Updated Bb Accessibility Page:  Added links to documents such as a On Demand Resource for Faculty for building content accessibility.
    • Met with David A to review semester startup problems with Blackboard with the goal to improve response time, tracking, monitoring, and perfective maintenance with Bb.
  • Meegan Willi
    • Online Course Developments
      • Emailed Mary G. about the review committee’s discovery of disparity between CARP and course syllabus, design. Mary is meeting with Deb to work on the CARP and will also meet with me so we can resolve this and get the course ready to review. There may be a small delay because of some other things going on in the Dental Hygiene department right now.
      • Still working through next steps for CLS 111 with the online review committee and Eric.
      • Met with Judy B. regarding CO 122, she has done work with Kristen R. on getting her course ready for review and with Tim K. on revising the CARP. She is working towards having the course submitted for review by October 1st.
    • Met with Pat E. again on 9/20 for one-on-one Respondus training. We successfully go Respondus to work, although there is something missing in the installation. I could replicate it on the PC in 125 Main, and I will be submitting a ticket to ITHelp to get that resolved. (At the moment you cannot preview an assessment you are building in Respondus before publishing it to Blackboard, and this is a very handy feature that I often use.)
    • Met with Sue V. on 9/20 to answer questions on the Grade Center and help her set up weighted grading.
    • Presented Distance Learning College Action Project (DL CAP) update with Garry at the Strategic Leadership Team Meeting on 9/21.
    • Updated previously created Camtasia recordings to include closed captioning – Creating Items and Folders, Adding NBC Video Content, Adding YouTube Videos, and Creating Web Links. These can all be seen on the GRCC TV playlist here – as well as in their respective places on the Blackboard Tipsheets web page – I also added all of these to the Fall 12 OHCC.
    • Attended ISIS Staff Meeting on 9/24 where we were updated as to the CTE Director position as well as whats going on at the library, study away, and distance learning.
    • Met with Susan M. for one-on-one training and assistance with creation of exams on 9/25. In this meeting we covered some ways to convert her in-class paper questions for an upper-level literature course to questions that would work in an online exam. I also showed Susan how to create a pool and add questions. I’ll help her use the questions she develops in her pool to create an exam which will randomly select questions for students. I’m keeping tabs on the grade question bug since I will also be showing Susan the different ways to grade questions once her students have submitted their exams later in October.
    • Attended Blackboard xpLor beta webinar on 9/25. This was the third webinar and covered content creation and meta data. All of the webinars will build upon each other and we will learn more on building content in xpLor, adding meta data, and using content from xpLor in courses. As of the meeting, there were already 4,012 resources in xpLor from the beta testers.
    • Attempted to attend Blackboard Bug Squad Wrap-Up webinar on 9/24, but it seemed the meeting may have been cancelled or rescheduled.
    • Attended Blackboard SP10 webinar on 9/26.
    • On 9/26, participated in conference all with EdTech Magazine on the Flipped Classroom and what we are currently doing at GRCC.
    • Drop-in traffic, emails, and phone calls were up still. I assisted over ten different people with varying questions/issues.
    • We had some email traffic related to Digital Initiative check-outs – a Kodak Zi8 camera and external microphone and a Blue Technologies Eyeball 2.0. I assisted both faculty with submitted the forms and getting in contact with Media Technologies to check out the technology.
    • Joined Blackboard’s “Designing an Exemplary Course” Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). According to the Designing an Exemplary Course Blog ( there are currently 1,926 people participating in this MOOC.
    • Spent time this week troubleshooting and assisting faculty using i>clickers with the Blackboard integration. I’m currently waiting on our Blackboard Admin to provide me with key files that myself and anyone who wants to use the integration need in their i>clicker software directory in order for things to work. Looking ahead, we will have to provide these to faculty on their initial flash drive and in an easy to access place such as a subtab in Blackboard similar to how we have Respondus available on the Teaching with Technology subtab.
  • Jose Mora
    • Helped faculty who dropped in with Blackboard questions
      • Faculty member was having a hard time login in. She would receive a message stating that the site was down for maintenance when it really was not. I told her to clear her browsing history and to try again; it worked.
      • Faculty member wanted to figure out how her class is answering questions on her tests. She wanted to know how her students are answering. I showed her attempt statistics which shows her what she needed to know.
      • Faculty member had a hard time with opening up folder in BB and viewing videos in class. She was clicking on the icon not the letters for the folder. We reasoned that the classroom she plays the video in is missing the plugins.
      • Faculty member asked about how to create BB template. Directed her to IT
      • Faculty member had her browser zoomed in when she was on BB and made it hard to see. I showed her how to zoom out.
    • Met with Angela Shuart to help with making changes to her test in BB
    • Met with Deborah Bates who could not access folders she created in BB. She was clicking on the icon and not on the actual words.
    • Met with Hope Hagan to figure out how to allow students a re-attempt at their test
    • Met with Paul Neumaier to upload syllabus to BB and to setup his gradebook; weighed column and categories
    • Met with Billie Sue Berrends to help her create multimedia version of her DVDs and have them uploaded to youtube
      • Also met her to setup her gradebook and mark student participation
    • Attended weekly meeting with Ric and Penni
    • Answered incoming phone calls
    • Answered DLIT email
      • I just gave an online test through Bb. Some fill in the blank answers were marked wrong due to minor spelling or punctuation. I want to edit those scores on a case by case basis. When I try to edit the score on an individual question, I get an “error on page” message when I attempt to submit the new score.

EOL Faculty Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from EOL faculty in the department.

  • Lisa Gloege
    • Attended ISIS meetin
    • Attended DLIT kick-off meeting
    • Attended (and prepped for) online course review committee meeting
    • Follow-up regarding CLS 111
    • Participating in Blackboard’s “Designing an Exemplary Course” MOOC
    • Communication with i>clicker re. flash drive issues
  • Gary Ebels
    • Attended the DLIT Fall Kick-off Meeting
    • Met with Online Course Review Team Reviewing 4 New Courses
    • Added 3 new faculty to Blackboard Basics – Online courses. Currently facilitating 4 learners with another completing this week.
  • Mursalata Muhammad
    • Investigating opportunities for bringing online faculty together in departments.
  • Garret Brand
    • Create OHCC Learning Activities
    • Exemplary Course MOOC
    • Relay and YouTube Transcription
    • Faculty Drop-Ins
    • Blackboard AX Partnership,
    • Service Pack 10 (SP10 Beta)
    • Attend DLIT Kick-off Meeting
    • OHCC Schedule
    • DL CAP Report to SLT
    • DL FAB Communications
    • Hours are listed at

DLIT Tracking Table


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