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September 18, 2012 / dlitgroup

Weekly Updates – September 19

DLIT Staff Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from DLIT staff.

  • Eric Kunnen
    • Kickoff Meeting for EOL Faculty with Ann A, Diane S, Ric U, Meegan W, Garry B, Gary E, Lisa G, and Mursalata M.  Discussed work for the upcoming semester, sessions needing coverage, reporting, and the role of technology in teaching and learning.
    • Submitted request and application to join the GRCC Leadership Institute.
    • Held a Classroom Technology Meeting with Mark V.  The topics discussed included the Cook Hall plans, document cameras, Learn Labs in Cook Hall, iPad display, and microphones.
    • Submitted GRCC Today and DLIT Blog Highlight for the upcoming free online class on building exemplary courses in Blackboard:
    • Held a conference call with Glen Oaks on HLC accreditation to share experiences with our site visit.
    • Worked with Kevin and Ian to setup a meeting with Bb Collaborate Team and their site visit.
    • Attended MPSERS meeting to learn about decisions that need to be made by October 26.
    • Attended ISIS Meeting – Discussed completion agenda and highlighted key areas of: 1) strengthening classroom engagement and relationships, 2) integrating student support into learning, 3) expanding PD focus on engaging students, 4) focusing on institutional policies on creating conditions for learning.  Faculty need to know: what students need to be successful (completion agenda, learner intake, orientation, support, tutoring, etc.), what resources are available (CLS, Early Alert, Tutoring), needs identification and solutions, establishing high expectations, checkering principles, how to establish more meaningful relationships.
    • Submitted a Request to YouTube for GRCCTV channel to be part of YouTube EDU as GRCC produces a lot of content (course lectures, diversity lectures, and other original content) that would qualify for the college being part of this service.
    • Bill F requested a query to run for the AGC minimum use standards with IT and Mark N.  This would be a report that is able to locate a file with the keyboard “syllabus”.
    • EdTech Magazine contacted us interested in learning more about Flipping the Classroom after searching the web and finding our web page.  GRCC has already met with Steelcase contacts and Director of the National Institute for Staff & Organizational Development at the University of Texas, Austin on the Flipped Classroom.
    • Attended Bb Product Roadmap Webinar – Blackboard is focused on teaching and learning efficiency.  They have an  updated content editor with full frame editing and new math editor (WIRIS, MathML, and LaTex support), assessment updates for pattern matching fill in blank, item analysis for assessments, course evaluations and enterprise surveys, rubric criteria aligned to goals, integrated text messaging included, Bb Collaborate now includes mobile and gradebook integration, new global navigation includes fast course switching and social learning tools and “spaces” for interaction, new profile (import from Facebook or Twitter, privacy settings, connect with users, social stream includes updates from courses and classmates, etc.), new calendar tool, built-in presence and Bb IM, a new My Blackboard page includes an overview of all system notifications are coming to the system in the near term.  2013 will introduce xpLor a multi-institution learning object repository (creative commons, Khan Academy, ratings, and spotlight content included), assignment, assessment, discussion boards, video everywhere, virus scanning, retention center, student name duplication, and more…
    • Attended Webinar on Respondus Monitor with Yumi W – This is a tool that GRCC is researching for HLC online assessment proctoring use for the distance learning program.  This is a companion to our license of Lockdown Browser and uses webcam and video to record test session.  The system helps to address student identity concerns and external resources such as an extra computer.
    • Held HLC phone call with, Vice President of Instruction, Monroe County Community College to share experiences with GRCC’s site visit.
  • Meegan Willi
    • Met with Online Course Review Committee to review four courses on September 17th, 2012. I’m currently finishing up the reviews and emailing recommendations up to Ric U. We ran out of time, so I’ll be following up electronically with the faculty on CLS 111. There is a discrepancy between the CARP and syllabus/course for GH 110 which needs to be addressed before the review can be completed. EN 249 we are recommending for online offering. CLS 101 we are recommending for online offering.
    • Attended the Blackboard Product Roadmap webinar on September 13th, although many items were things I had known previously, there was information on new features of Blackboard Collaborate, and the integration of the tool into the grade center for attendance. This is a feature I never would have thought about, but it would be invaluable to online instructors using a synchronous tool like Bb Collaborate for lectures.
    • Met with Pat E. on September 13th for a one-on-one Respondus training. Unfortunately, Respondus was not available in Zen and because there was a meeting going on with most of the IT Help staff, we were unable to get this small piece of software installed to do the training. I’m meeting with her on September 20th for the training instead.
    • Watched the NBC Learn MIT Town Hall on Technology in Education on September 13th. Clips from the live broadcast are available here on NBC Learn’s website My biggest takeaway was that with the ever changing technology we have today and are using in education, many of the speakers made it clear that it is not about teaching students how to use a specific device or piece of technology. What is most important is to expose students to various technologies and give them the skills to adapt and use technology as it changes.
    • Attended the ISIS Staff Meeting on September 14th.
    • Met with Kathy L. on September 14th to troubleshoot two issues. There was a question with i>clicker that we solved easily, but Kathy was experiencing an abnormality when exporting an assessment created in Blackboard to the Content System. I’m reporting the strange issue to our Blackboard Administrator for follow-up, and in the interim, we were able to get the assessment successfully exported and imported to her other sections.
    • Attended the DLIT Kick-off Meeting on September 17th.
    • Met with HLC Subteam 1 – uniformity in presentation of online and hybrid courses and student support services. We made great progress in making a plan of how to determine where we are currently in these areas. The group will be following up with different people and departments who have the information we need in October. We also started updating the Blackboard Organization for the HLC teams.
    • Attended professional development session on writing goals and planned outcomes for the new Meet & Confer performance evaluations on September 17th.
    • Attended second xpLor Beta webinar.
  • Jose Mora
    • Helped faculty who dropped in with Blackboard questions
    • Met with Timothy Heldt who had a student who was having issues uploading an assignment. We looked into why it was not working. We created a test student account  to try the browse my computer feature; it worked. Because their is only one student having the issue we came to the conclusion that it is something on this one student’s end.
    • Spoke with Kenneth Smith about a student that received an email letting them know that their assignment was late. The student was worried that it was a virus and wanted to make sure that it was a legitimate email. I told Kenneth that it is possible for students to subscribe to certain updates through their notification settings.
    • Met with Carol Jurgens who needed help with updating her student participation (NS) through her faculty center.
    • Met with Nancy Grossman to help with adding video to her powerpoint
    • Helped faculty with course copy
    • Helped staff member with uploading multiple documents into discussion board
    • Attended weekly meeting with Ric and Penni
    • Answered incoming phone calls
    • Processed invoices for membership and conferences
    • Purchased more supplies
    • Made improvement to OHCC spreadsheet by creating hyperlink to documentation of approval email and other relevant information
    • Comparing discrepancies between DLIT query and Bruce’s online enrollment data
      • Goal is to find pattern as to why data does not match and fix the query to bridge the gap
    • Answered DLIT email
      • I am looking at  GRCC, intending to take an online course.  I currently attend The University of Georgia and am looking to take an extra class next semester.  I am emailing you in regards to the Online classes, and if we are required to come in and take tests at GRCC or if everything is online?

EOL Faculty Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from EOL faculty in the department.

  • Lisa Gloege
    • Attended EOL Kickoff Meeting
  • Gary Ebels
    • Attended EOL Kickoff Meeting
  • Mursalata Muhammad
    • Facilitated Bb Basics at the Adjunct Learning Day
    • Attended EOL Kickoff Meeting
    • 8/24/12: Facilitated two Bb Basics sessions sent follow-up email (3hrs)
    • 8/31/12: Met with Eric J. to discuss weekly reporting possible DLIT (.25hrs)
    • 9/14/12: Attended ISIS meeting (1.5hrs)
    • 9/15/12: Facilitated one Bb Basics session, provided individual tutoring, sent follow-up email (2hrs)
  • Garret Brand
    • Attended EOL Kickoff Meeting
    • Blackboard Team Meeting
    • Distance Learning Faculty Advisory Board
    • OHCC Planning
    • JAWS Tesing, Video Transcription, UDL for OHCC
    • Detail at

DLIT Tracking Table


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