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September 12, 2012 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – September 12

Present: Mark Nordblom, Meegan Willi, Garry Brand, Eric Kunnen

Updates from Mark:

  • Course Copy Issues – Mark can now kill the specific tasks that are stuck.   Still seeing some file permission issues.  Plan  to research test course to confirm issue with course files being copied even if not linked
  • Reporting Issues – Bb support ticket filed, we have a series of scripts to run.  These are being researched.  Bb advanced training session was unable to use the tool.
  • Student Portal Issues – 4 students currently effected.  They receive an error after logging in.  They are currently using a workaround.  Bb support ticket filed.  Mark is working with them to confirm and following up.
  • DB Subscribe Link Issue – Bb support known issue.  To be resolved in SP10.
  • Syllabus Report – Mark will be working to run a report for the Deans to look for files in the course labeled syllabus.

Follow-ups & Needs:

  • Need to configure Bb dashboard tools that are not working.  These were developed by Szymon originally.
  • Bb 11 is suggested to be rebuilt.  Mark will confirm David.
  • Bb Analytics training this week was postponed. Eric will request to join the Analytics training for dashboards and share reports with Jody that are needed.
  • Performance issues and disk space issues were identified this past weekend.  Alerts were off but are now on.
  • We ate bagels.

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