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July 18, 2012 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – July 18th

Present: Mark Nordblom & Meegan Willi

Updates from Mark:

  • SP9 is up and running. There were java issues, but those have been fixed. Mark will do another refresh on Monday to ensure it all goes smoothly.
  • Mark has integration working without snapshot in both SP8 & SP9. He has figured out how to insert dates so courses can auto enable for students based on start and end dates.
  • For Fall, Mark would like to run bb16 in parallel with the go live dates and accessibility windows to ensure it all runs smoothly and then we can put this integration into production for Winter 2013. This needs to be discussed with the larger team.
  • We are good to go with Starfish Early Alert!
  • TZ from media is workign with the i>clicker base setting frequencies.
  • Software:
    • Paul has the new version of StudyMate for SP9 and will now compile it.
    • Bb Drive, Camtasia 4 and Bb IM are all already compiled and ready to go.
  • Mark is still working on the reporting issue in SP8.
  • Mark is working with Bill to fix our feed files to enter in the dates needed for integration. (no / – just solid digit formatting)
  • Mark is also working to streamline all of this further with Starfish and assigning students to counselors.
  • Mark is also still working with groups – he wants to have a better way to tag users to be able to populate organizations based on staff/faculty requests. Perhaps there is potential with the social features in the future and/or self-enrolling settings?

Follow-ups & Needs:

  • Meegan will follow-up with i>clicker, we did not receive the email Monday with building block information.
  • We need to look for the new BbConnect building block – out either this week or in August?
  • We need to check the problems we had in SP8 and see if they are resolved in SP9.
  • We need to compile a list for testing – include multiple file uploads, CSS and the issues with the theme, bb scroll, colors, etc.
  • The last day of class is Fri. August 10th, and grades are due Wed. August 15th – so can the system be brought down Thurs. August 16th at 6 am for a four hour window to perform the upgrade from SP6 to SP9? The team needs to decide and communicate to users. (Currently the upgrade has been taking roughly 3 hours.)
  • Before Fall, can the announcement / important notices area be populated with a reminder to students that if they are enrolled in courses they might not see them until 6 am on the first day of class (or whatever the specific open time is).



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