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July 2, 2012 / dlitgroup

Szymon Machajewski – “Prezi helps to create student engagement”

Szymon Machajewski, Professor in the Computer Applications Department was recently interviewed by Prezi U.  The full interview is located here.

While most professors are familiar with Powerpoint, Prezi is another presentation tool that is available for GRCC professors to use.

In the interview, Szymon highlights some benefits of using Prezi:

“I found Prezi to be very easy to use and supportive of the creative process. I was able to visualize the end result as I was building it. Prezi provided the flexibility to edit connections between presentation objects and inclusion of rich media like YouTube videos. The new addition of Power Point upload and import makes the transition from PPT slides to cloud based presentation very easy.”

Szymon also provides some insight into how his students react to his Prezi presentations:

“My students responded with amazement to my first Prezi presentation. This presentation tool right away facilitated classroom engagement. Through an element of novelty it catches the eye of students. The fluid moves between presentation elements help students to notice the introspective process as one idea flows into another. The web based nature of the system helps in openness and supports the Open Educational Resources initiatives.”

Here is a sample Prezi presentation by Szymon:

A sample Prezi presentation by Szymon Machajewski

A sample Prezi presentation by Szymon Machajewski

Additional examples of how Prezi is used at GRCC can be found on GRCC’s Prezi U page here.


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