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June 13, 2012 / dlitgroup

Weekly Updates – June 13


This area includes international, national, regional, state, and local activities.

  • n/a

Department Action Projects & College Action Projects

This area includes accomplishments or milestones regarding Departmental and College Action Project(s).

  • Project 1 – Extend DL Program
  • Project 2 – Enhance Classroom and Instructional Technologies
    • Clicker Building Block will be tested for Student Registrations for i>Clicker
  • Project 3 – Extend Blackboard Learn, Content, Community
    • SP8 Pilot and Preparation for Fall Upgrade Continue
    • Received Stress Testing Bb Report – The test included hits counts exceeding 270,000 transactions per hour. Bb engineers are provided tuning recommendations.

Other Work within Your Department

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from within the department.

  • n/a

DLIT Staff Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from DLIT staff that is not included in the work outlined in the Department and College Action Projects area and categories above.

  • Eric Kunnen
    • Created and Deployed Bb SP8 Survey for Pilot
    • Attended “Using Learner Analytics to Identify and Promote Effective Teaching Practices” webinar which highlighted Blackboard Analytics for Learn.
    • Attended Bb Team Meeting with key topics of discussion centering around performance tuning by Blackboard, Service Pack 8 preparation for Fall, and i>clicker Building Block readiness.
    • Updated the following web pages in preparation for Fall: and
    • Began HLC Deans Council Report Compiling, Gathering, Drafting, Writing, etc.
    • Attended final OHCC presentations and compiled feedback for MW and GB.
    • Attended the ISIS new faculty Meet & Greet.
    • Met with Jeff K to review needs for projects in the PM office regarding faculty ticketing and iTunes U.
    • Updated Clicker Action Plan with information from Lisa Gloege and Media Technologies
    • Sent Action Plan for Clickers to AGC Exec and Provost
    • Worked on preparing Report for AGC Bb decision from April 2010 for Deans Council.
    • Worked with JM to participate in Raider Rally will take place on Friday August 10th from 10 AM – 2 PM
    • Attended a Proctor101 Demo to learn about online proctoring options from this vendor.
    • Serviced as Des Moines Area Community College A4L Reference
    • Edited /ohccsyllabus for additional notes around rigor of learning experience and enrollment procedures
    • Attended a SP10 PDP Wrap Up Conference Call.  Many new features coming around social networking and more!
    • Served as reference for Skidmore College for Bb Content System.
    • Connected with Des Moines Area Community College and The University of West Alabama around test proctoring for online courses to learn about their approaches.
  • Meegan Willi
    • Met with Online Course Review Committee on June 7th and reviewed and recommended four courses for online delivery: DXX 115, DHY 250, DAA 112, CO 275.
    • Attended an online test proctoring tool webinar demo, Kryterion, on June 7th.
    • Attended ISIS new faculty Meet & Greet on June 7th.
    • Attended OHCC Final Presentations on June 8th.
    • Viewed OHCC online Camtasia Relay final presentation videos June 8th and 11th.
    • Submitted final comments, suggestions and feedback for all presentations to Garry on June 11th.
    • Met with Patrick K. to answer some Blackboard questions and check the status of the development of CLS 111 on June 11th.
    • Attended Blackboard Team Meeting on June 13th.
    • Finalized ETOM Conference registration with Jose on June 12th.
    • Worked on updating the OHCC shell for the summer session on June 13th.
    • Helped preview the survey for the Blackboard SP8 pilot faculty on June 13th.
    • Worked on update the DLIT website to consolidate and remove /bbvideos to /bbtipsheets and add known issues to /bbfaqs.
    • Assisted five other drop-in faculty in-person or via email with questions related to enrolling an colleague in your Blackboard course, a technical issues where Blackboard assessments answers to fill-in-the-blank questions which have an apostrophe or quotation mark in them are not be graded correctly, questions on switching tests from one-question-at-a-time to all at once, adding adaptive release dates to tests, and embedding Camtasia Relay recordings in a study guide webpage
  • Jose Mora
    • Worked on May procard reports
    • Working with printing to created student printed material
    • Processed ETOM conference invoices
    • Processed reimbursements
    • Purchased supplies for the office
    • Demo with Kryterion staff to look at solutions to online testing and identity validation
    • Returned i>clickers
    • Edited DLIT website, STI page
    • Ordered food for STI
    • Registered Meegan for conference

EOL Faculty Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from EOL faculty in the department.

  • Lisa Gloege
    • Attended OHCC Final Presentations
  • Gary Ebels
    • Attended OHCC Final Presentations
    • Facilitating Online Bb Basics and Grade Center
  • Garret Brand
    • Co- Facilitated OHCC
    • Reviewed Provost and Director feedback on OHCC revisions.
    • Final feedback, grades and reporting for OHCC.
    • Blackboard Team Meeting, Archiving, Records and Reviewing OHCC Feedback.
    • Hours and details at

DLIT Tracking Table

  • n/a

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