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June 13, 2012 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting: June 13th

In attendance: Garry Brand, Eric Kunnen, Meegan Willi
Via Phone: Mark Nordblom

1. Building Blocks

  • We have 15 marked unavailable or inactive – Mark would like to review these and remove those we do not use.

2. i>clicker

  • Software for images? There is no software that will need to be installed for faculty or added as a zen object.
  • Meegan will follow-up with i>clicker on the building block – as of the last communication they were going to be getting a version out this week(Monday).

3. Zen

  • Blackboard Drive will be added as an object.
  • Paul is still testing relay 4 to ensure that it will install over version 3.

4. Performance Testing Results

  • In testing, nothing similar to Garry’s discussion board timing issue happened.
  • Mark would like to refresh test on Friday so that we can install a potential fix for the discussion board delay.
  • Blackboard is still running tests at night. They are working on tuning currently.
    • Since we will be upgrading to SP8 for Fall we need to ensure that the performance tuning that Blackboard is currently running will stay when we upgrade from SP6.
    • Additionally, are there specific tuning or settings that are different in SP8 environments versus SP6?
    • If we are going to do a tune-up based on the consulting, would it make more sense to do the tuning after we upgrade to SP8?
    • Mark is under the impression that all of the tuning pieces will scale. All of the work Blackboard is doing will be complete by July 1st. All inside tuning and changes resulting from recommendations will take place after July 1st.
  • So far the results have shown that our system scales well.

5. Service Pack 8

  • Issue: The new reports do not seem to be running. (Control Panel > Evaluation > Course Reports)
    • Eric, Garry, and Lisa have both had problems getting the reports to run.
    • Mark will research and submit a ticket to Blackboard.
  • Eric sent out a survey to all the SP8 Pilot Faculty this morning.
  • DLIT is also working to build some pages to highlight the upgrade, new features, list known issues.
  • The big concern is still the browser issues.
    • Mark will follow-up with Paul to see what the version will be on campus in the Fall.
  • Eric emailed Blackboard this morning with issues related to the new VTBE and the spacing issues. We submitted a ticket in April and it was closed, reason: functioning as designed. The big issues for display are in the emails – paragraph tags are getting added even if you don’t add them.
    • We are still planning to upgrade to SP8 and the new VTBE all at once, but as a fall back if there are too many unresolved issues we will just upgrade without the VTBE.
  • Eric will follow-up on the My Courses Plus module.
  • Upgrade Timeline:

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