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June 6, 2012 / dlitgroup

Weekly Updates – June 6


This area includes international, national, regional, state, and local activities.

  • n/a

Department Action Projects & College Action Projects

This area includes accomplishments or milestones regarding Departmental and College Action Project(s).

  • Project 1 – Extend DL Program
    • n/a
  • Project 2 – Enhance Classroom and Instructional Technologies
    • n/a
  • Project 3 – Extend Blackboard Learn, Content, Community
    • Bb Team – SP8 pilot is going very well and plans continue for go live for Fall 2012.  Blackboard performance engagement has revealed helpful information for the college as to informing our system parameters.  Bb Drive and Relay 4 deployment is on track with the installer being included in the Zen for Windows 7 install by faculty. The Bb Team is waiting for the i>clicker Blackboard Building Block from the vendor which is needed for the Fall deployment of clickers.  Bb Analytics for Learn implementation kickoff meeting will be held soon.
    • Bb A4L and Goals/Outcomes with SP8 meeting – A conference call was held with Blackboard Inc., Meegan W, Patti T, Katie D, Garry B, and Eric K on opportunities for using Blackboard Analytics for Learn and Service Pack 8 for program and curriculum review work.

Other Work within Your Department

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from within the department.

  • n/a

DLIT Staff Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from DLIT staff that is not included in the work outlined in the Department and College Action Projects area and categories above.

  • Eric Kunnen
    • SP8 implementation work and pilot followup.
    • ACTL Meeting about Online Session Support for Presenters at EDUCAUSE 2012.
    • i>clicker work and conference call with Montana State University to compare implementation and support ideas.  Also worked contacted Cornell University, La Salle University, and University of Illinois at Chicago for their experiences.  Contacted IT and Media Technologies to ensure support is available with issue tracking.  Wrote an action plan for implementation with MW.
    • Updated with additional resources.
    • Added dual enrollment options for the Online Programs page at:
    • Attended and participated in i>clicker training with LG.
    • Participated in a BbWorld Conference Call for our joint BbWorld presentation with Kerri R from Jacksonville State University.
    • Added updates to the website
  • Meegan Willi
    • Assisted Penni with using Blackboard for creating a survey in an organization on May 31st.
    • Met with Mary L., new adjunct faculty member, for Blackboard training and assistance on May 31st and June 5th.
    • Met with Eric to discuss my PDD on June 1st
    • Met with Kellie R. from Academic Services to train on Blackboard Drive and the Blackboard Content System on June 1st.
    • Attended Birthday Potluck on June 1st.
    • Co-facilitated optional OHCC campus session on June 1st.
    • Monitored and participated in discussions in the online OHCC all week.
    • June 6th, met with Bill H. to go through his OHCC final preso and assist him with questions before the real presentation on Friday.
    • Attended Blackboard Team Meeting on June 6th.
    • Attended Blackboard Goals conference call with Eric, Patti, Katie, and Garry on June 6th.
    • Reviewed courses in preparation for Online Course Review Committee Meeting on June 7th – we will be reviewing CO 275, DA 112, DXX 115, and DHY 250.
    • Other (On tracking form): two other faculty on questions related to the Blackboard Content System and getting a summer course shell created.
  • Jose Mora
    • Worked on procard reports
    • Working with printing to created student printed material
    • Helped Mike Light with BB issues
    • Processed invoices
    • Processed reimbursements
    • Purchased banner stands for office
    • Was away for a week

EOL Faculty Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from EOL faculty in the department.

  • Lisa Gloege
    • Updated AGC on clicker process and responded to follow-up questions
    • Prepared for and facilitated clicker training on June 5 (29 in attendance)
  • Gary Ebels
    • Attended iClicker training this week.
  • Garret Brand

DLIT Tracking Table

  • n/a

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