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June 6, 2012 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting: June 6th

In attendance: Meegan Willi, Mark Nordblom, Eric Kunnen, Garry Brand

Service Pack 8

  • Where do we currently stand?
    • The last wek  of classes for seven week terms is June 18th. About a week an a half away.
    • There are no show stoppers so far in the pilot.
    • The biggest issue is still the browsers on campus, Firefox 3.6.6.
      • IT is still working on determining what version of Firefox to move the college to – 7 or 8.
      • Eric emailed David to get a status update so we can test the Firefox version with SP8.
    • The issue with grading discussion forums and having to scroll down the page to view posts is not going to be fixed until SP10, unless a patch is released earlier.
    • SP9 will be released sometime this month – what are we thinking on the possibility of upgrading to SP9 for the Fall?
    • Another cool feature was submitted by Julie Hess – in the Grade Center, the scroll bar will show you via popups how far along the scroll bar the various columns are located.

    What do we need to do for the rest rest of the pilot?

    • Send a survey to the faculty
    • We have at least one faculty who will be starting up with SP8 for the second seven weeks.
  • My Courses Plus Module Update
    • On the open source listserv, there was a suggestion by George Kroner to submit a ticket to Blackboard.
    • Eric will ping the listerv again to look for updates.

Blackboard Drive

  • Now available in Zen.

Relay 4

  • An object has been made.
  • Paul has gone from 3 to 3.1 with no issue, and he is working on adding an object to move faculty to version 4.

Performance Consultation

  • There is a report available now from Blackboard, and a couple more will be coming in the future.
  • The process and reports are giving us a lot of valuable feedback.

Automation Discussion

  • Opening of classes would be the availability date – the day the class begins.
  • Closing of classes would happen fourteen days after the end date of the course. This would have to be an integration table change. The flat file would have to be changed.
  • The parameters for both start and end dates (open and close dates) need to be populated in the Blackboard database. There are fields currently in Blackboard – but when we create courses right now they are created as continuous.
  • We need to test and ensure that instructors will still be able to open and close the course, yet not adjust the availability dates.

Course Merge Tool

  • Down the road, we’ll want to look into the Course Merge Tool, but there are currently issues showing up on the listserv related to this new tool.

Blackboard Analytics for Learn

  • Blackboard wants to do a kickoff meeting to talk about the implementation.
  • Jody Graves is the project manager.


  • Eric (and Meegan) is presenting on BbConnect at BbWorld ’12
  • Eric is also presenting on BbAnalytics for Learn at BbWorld ’12


  • Still waiting to get the building block from i>clicker.
  • Mark will be contacting i>clicker to get a status update.

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