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May 30, 2012 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – May30th

In attendance: Garry Brand, Mark Nordblom, Meegan Willi

Bb18 – SP8

  • Why do the tabs in bb18 (service pack 8) justify to the right?
    • We definitely have to remember this for training.
    • Is this something we want to worry about and make it more like the current version?
    • Is there a way in the style sheet or admin panel to change the tabs?
  • Blackboard Mobile, SafeAssign, all of the add-ins we currently have, but cannot make active in SP8 at this point because they are active in production – what is the plan for upgrading?
    • bb17 is our mobile option and we will need to upgrade that to SP8 as well for the fall rollout.
  • Issues from the pilot?
    • Mark is still working on the student file access issue that Julie Hess found with an image created in an exam.
      • Although it appears that in that directory, the file is set so that students do not have access to view the file, by default (according to Blackboard Tech Support) all students in the class should have access to view the file.

Production Updates

  • All of the app servers are now on Red Hat 5. This upgrade was done on Friday night during the scheduled maintenance window.
    • A checklist was developed for the steps for the upgrade and items that need to be taken down and then brought back up.

Blackboard Building Blocks

  • Mark is exploring these with Bill to get integration working through building blocks.
  • Reevaluating what we have- upgrading the current building blocks, are there building blocks that we no longer need?
    • Can we track usage on some of the older building blocks to see if it is safe to remove them? Mark will look into this.

Blackboard Reporting Tools

  • We should add to the Blackboard Advanced session in the Summer Technology Institute an overview of the reporting tools and what information you can access from them. e.g. If you have a student disputing something, what can you do with the tools in Blackboard to verify their claim?

Relay 4 Updates

  • Paul has gotten the executable to make a Zen object to make it available when we are ready to upgrade.
  • We may need to create instructions for how faculty upgrade their version of relay on a Windows 7 machine.



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