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May 23, 2012 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – May 23rd

In attendance: Garry Brand, Eric Kunnen, Mark Nordblom, Meegan Willi

Relay 4

  • All done!
  • Administrator accounts still need to be set-up.
  • Its available at – all connect to LDAP for logins.
  • Testing begins!
    • We need to reach out to some heavy users to test the new version.
    • We will start with DLIT and EOL Faculty, and then we will move on to other users.
      • Eric will contact the EOL faculty. There will be a few days before the Windows 7 users will be able to install it.
  • Notification messages still need to be updated.
  • Timeline
    • Goal is to have this in production by Fall.
      • Ideally, we would have it ready for the Summer Technology Institute – so we need to be ready to roll by August 20th.
    • We need to create a communication strategy.
      • New this Fall…
      • An email to current users
    • The new recorder would have to be added to new images and pushed out via Zen for faculty on Windows 7 to be able to install the recorder on their machine.
  • Need to add new features to our relay website.


  • Terms – this function will give us more organization in the standard My Courses Module. However, by default, the My Courses module has the running list and not the organized list.
  • We need to upgrade Firefox from 3.6 in order to use the new VTBE in the Fall.
    • What version of Firefox and IE will be on the campus images? We need to find this so we can test SP8 and the new VTBE.
  • Do we need to continue to say that we recommend Firefox for Blackboard? We need to continue testing – Windows 7 IE 9, Firefox7, Windows XP IE 8, and Chrome 17.


  • Friday there will be an outage to upgrade the OS on all of the servers. This is in the maintenance window. Notifications are out.

Twitter Building Block

  • Test on test (Bb16), and then put into SP8 for Szymon to test during the second half of the semester.

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