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May 18, 2012 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting

Attending: Fred Bauman, Garry Brand, Eric Kunnen, Mark Nordblom

Meeting Minutes:

  • Help Desk Update
    • System wise things are going very well.
    • Training recommendations or FAQs that are received:
      • Course Copy and permission issues still exist – These are expected to be the result of existing bad course links and content.  The team needs to investigate if there is a script or query that can be run to target bad courses.
      • Browsers – Bb18 pilot requires newer version of Firefox than is currently deployed.  A formal request to the help desk needs to be made.
      • Course availability – There were several student tickets for courses that are unavailable.
      • Continuous communication with the help desk will help with proactive.
    • Bb18 password storing is not enabled.  This is a change in the functionality of the system for security.  End users communication needs to be setup.
  • Performance tuning was conducted this week with Blackboard.
    • Upgrade of OS 5.0.8 was recommended on production.
    • The Bb engineers were on campus.
    • The priority of system is uptime and 3 second goal between pages.
    • Gradebook, discussion board and assessments are goals for improvement and performance.
  • Bb Mobile Building Block – There is an upgrade to this that needs to be installed.



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