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May 9, 2012 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – May 9

In attendance: Meegan Willi, Mark Nordblom, Eric Kunnen, Garry Brand

Blackboard SP8

  • Whats the pulse? There has been some feedback from students such not much has changed – it just looks a little different. There is also some irritation the pilot students have with not being able to use Blackboard Mobile.
  • Spell check is not liked – when you push the button to turn spell check on, it will pop up a box if there are no spelling errors, but if there are any errors it will underline them in red and you have to actually click on the words one by one to get suggestions. You also have to turn the spell check on every time you go in to a new post.
    • Eric submitted a ticket because currently the editor overrides the spell check in Firefox – typically Firefox underlines words as you go indicating a misspelling and in the editor it does not do that unless you turn the spell check on. This is supposedly a bug.
  • Another issue with the VTBE is the need to use shift+enter to eliminate the extra spaces.
  • If we are having enough issues with the new VTBE, we may not want to upgrade at the beginning of the Fall when we upgrade to SP8.
  • Some students have also reported issues with java. The students are actually getting messages that they have an incompatible version of java.
  • Some browsers do not prompt or allow you to save your password – Firefox and Chrome. Safari allows you to save your password. Eric will submit a ticket to Blackboard.
  • Math Equation Editor in the new VTBE – when you create an equation, Blackboard creates a new directory in course files called Math Equations and the permissions are set by default to only allow the course builder to view the file – so students cannot see the equations. We still need to submit a ticket on this to Blackboard.
  • Mark took care of Early Alert.
  • Mark will submit a ticket on the issue with not having a blinking cursor in Firefox.

Building Blocks

  • i>clicker is working with Mark to get the building block to us. i>clicker still does not have a version finished yet for service pack 8, and its broken in service pack 6.


  • The latest word is that Firefox 7 will work with all the systems on campus and IT is performing tests before deploying Firefox out to the Windows 7 images.

Archiving Courses

  • Winter 2011 courses will be turned off on Thursday, May 10th and removed on Friday, May 11th.
  • Winter 2012 courses will be set to unavailable tonight, May 9th.

Health Check

  • Done deal.
  • Health check was purchased with re-license of Blackboard products.

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